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  1. We need a doctor to chime in on post cycle therapy for blood work results from SD.

  2. his values will be fine a month after PCT .. they aren't even THAT terrible

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Stingray
    I would recommend getting the blood test after as well. Thats the only way you will be able to know where you stand. IF the values are off then you can take steps to bring them back in line.

    I would take those type of supps from the get go. And Glen is right you numbers are better then a few people I have seen.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by LCSULLA
    I would take those type of supps from the get go. And Glen is right you numbers are better then a few people I have seen.
    Your right my values were not in the "Scarry" range like some. But as I said above, My values were not from SD alone, I just wanted to make that point. One could speculate that my values would not have even been that bad if the ST was not thrown into the mix. I purposely did not take anything preventive (NAC, MilkThistle,RYR, ect...) during the cycle because I wanted to see what my values would be like with out them. I am on them now( as well as others) for my PCT though.


  5. Sorry its taken me so long to respond lately. Life's been keeping me quite busy.

    First let me say that I decided to cut the cycle short because I was starting to feel bad. Some odd chest pains (not really pain more like a lite peck cramp, its hard to say what it was), was occasionaly feeling light headed and heat flashes at times. Didnt know if it was the high BP (ussualy floated around 140 / 80) or what but was concerning me enought to stop.

    On to PCT. The following is what I am using for PCT right now.

    Nolva 40/20/0/0
    Rebound xt 25/50/50/25
    Creatine Mono
    Hawthorn Berry (until BP stabilizes all ready down to 130 ish)
    Lean Extreme 3 caps daily
    K-R-ALA 200 to 400mg daily
    DHEA 100mg in am

    l-lysine (2g daily split right before bed and right upon waking [bobo's protocol])
    l-arginine (2g daily split right before bed and right upon waking [bobo's protocol])

    As well I take a Multi, and Fish oil year round. I am not changing my eating at all and I plan on changing the workout routine to allow for more recovery.

    Keep in mind that I am doing what I think is best for me based on the research that I have done.

    Any ??'s just ask away.


  6. pneumonia -SUCKS ASS! ! ! Well I am very glad to say that I am still alive. Its been rough the last week with 5 of those days being in the Hospital. I was running like 105.5 temps and they were having a hard time keeping them down. Quite offten I was burried in Ice packs. I think I will be needing a new liver soon after all the meds that were pumped into me. 4 antibotics one of which was zithromax (sp?) and Tylenol every 4hrs.

    Needless to say my pct went into the ****ter. I couldnt even eat enough cals each day to amount to anything. most days were well below 1000. I had nightmares of being able to form a ring with my thumb and index finger around my bycept - and touch.

    Well With all that when I got Home I just had to see how much damage had been done, so I grudingly steped onto the scales. The results: 207.6 at 12.7% Still up 9.2 pounds! Well Im happy about that.

    I wont be able to give any valuable blood results post pct because they will be all skewed. sorry guys.

    Well that Pretty much ends this thread unless sombody has questins, then I will answer them.

    Time to heal up and get healthy again.


  7. Heal!!! Nice on the 9 lbs though.


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