Bigbody's Summer Cut

  1. Bigbody's Summer Cut

    Well after lots of research and procrastinating(laziness and overeating) I have finally become motivated and determined to diet and lose my "winter coat" in time for spring/summer. I plan on doing cardio 4 days/week to start out and eventually get up to 6-7/week and lift 3 days/week. Also plan on hitting abs and calves 2 days/week. I am also gonna try to incorporate ~20 mins jogging in the mornings before breakfast a few days a week and see how that goes. Here is a look at my projected diet and workout split:

    Meal 1(530am): 4 egg whites, 1 egg yolk, 1/2 c. HI-LO cereal, 1 c. fat free milk, 2 fish oil caps
    Meal 2(830-900am): 1oz. beef jerky, 1/2c. oatmeal, 1 tbsp flax oil
    Meal 3(1200pm): 4 oz. chicken breast, 3/4c. long grain brown rice, 2 fish oil caps
    Meal 4(300pm): 2 scoops whey, 1/4c. oatmeal
    Preworkout(500pm): 3 scoops BSL GO!, 5g L-glutamine
    Meal 5(730pm): 6oz. can tuna, 6.4oz. veggie mix(broccoli,carrots,cauliflow er), 2 tsp flax oil
    Meal 6(830-900pm): 1/4c. low-fat cottage cheese, 10g L-glutamine, 2 fish oil caps

    Daily Totals: 1706 calories, 41.5g fat, 110.5g carbs, 214g protein

    Fish Oil Caps BSL GO!
    Calcium Tablets NOW Psyllium Husk Powder
    Flax Oil Dymatize Elite Whey Butter Toffee
    NOW ADAM multi GNC Folic Acid, Vit. E, Zinc, Selenium
    ALCAR Vitamin C(Walmart)
    NOW green tea caps

    Workout Day 1: Chest, Shoulders, Biceps Cardio 4-6days/weeek
    Workout Day 2: Legs, Traps Abs & Calves 2days/week
    Workout Day 3: Back, Forearms, Triceps

    I am currently 6'2 and weighed 222 tonight and my goal is to be around 200 lbs. by the end of June and I will adjust my diet as I go if I begin to lose too much muscle but for the time being this is what I am going with. And here are some beginning measurements and pictures.

    Waist 39in.
    Belly Button 40 3/4in.
    Chest 43 1/2in.
    Quad Lt.-26 1/8in. Rt.-25 1/2in.
    Calve Lt.-16 1/2in. Rt.-16 1/4in.
    Arms(flexed) Lt.-15 3/4in. Rt.-16in.
    Forearm Lt.-11 5/8in. Rt.-12in.
    Neck 15 3/4in.

    **Well I gotta figure out how to get my pictures up on here so I will try to have them on by tomorrow**

  2. A little background info on my body-type as well:

    High School began at 185 and weighed ~250 by graduation then went on to play college football for a year balloned up to about 280 by end of freshman year. Decided not to play anymore and dieted down(not much eating and used old hydroxycut) and lots of cardio down to about 206 at my lowest. Then decided once again to play college football and back up to around 280 again and have been yo-yoing from about 216-235 since. I felt my best around 210 and hope to get there once again and maybe even lower. More details to come tomorrow after day 1.

  3. ~1700 cals seems pretty low ... i would bump them up to at least 2000 if not 2200 to start with i'm cutting now and currently weigh 193 (down from a max of 205) and the lowest i go is 2200

  4. Day 1: morning wt. 220 lbs. (will be weighing first thing simply for consistency)

    Followed diet except I added an extra scoop of whey after my workout and also added more oatmeal to my afternoon shake so I could get my calories closer to 2000. Actually may increase them more as I see where I need to be.

    Overall I felt really good, and I dont know if it is eating healthier or just adrenaline from starting my cut, either way i'll take it. Got off work a little late so I did cardio tonite and will lift tomorrow. Did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the treadmill for a brisk incline walk. Had to make my own preworkout stack since my order hasnt come in yet but the 5g glutamine,3g ALCAR, and 100mg caffeine worked really good. Look forward to starting HEAT and my other goodies. Welp short on time more to come tomorrow with chest, shoulders, and biceps and prolly squeeze abs and calves in if I have some time.

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