First Cycle: Tren, Winny

  1. First Cycle: Tren, Winny

    I am posting this for anybody who is considering using tren in a first cycle as well as to see how my results stack up to anyone else who may have used tren for their first cycle.

    I just finished my first cycle, a six weeker consisting of Tren Ace (Fina conversion) at 150mg EOD, Winny at 50mg ED, and Proviron. I realize that this is not a stack recommended for beginners, but frankly, I live out in the middle of BFE and pellets and online pharms were my only options and I was too paranoid to order injectables online and the Syno conversion looked fairly involved. Thankfully I am moving off this god-forsaken island and should be able to find a real source. My reasoning behind the stack was that Winny would help with any progesterone that might pop up, while the Proviron would keep the junk in working order.

    I supplemented with milk thistle, cranberry juice, multi-vitamins, fish oil, and milled flax seed. My diet was fairly clean, consisting of 300g protein a day, and varying amounts of fat and carbs depending on wheater it was a work out day or not. Fat came largely from fish oil and flax, carbs from oatmeal, fruit and veggies, and cranberry juice.

    I started at 6’3�, 247lbs. My original goal was to run a straight cutter, but I kind of gave up on that once the strength gains kicked in and bumped up the cals to a bit above maintainance. I ended up gaining 8 pounds while loosing an inch off my waist and getting a whole lot stronger.

    I seem to be relatively immune to most of Tren’s side effects, with a couple of exceptions. My libido has been small to non-existant since the end of week two, as was expected. I actually caught myself making an excuse not to have sex once, which was really strange! Anyway, the Proviron kept the yogurt slinger working per specs, but the girlfriend got kind of pissed about me not wanting to jump her bones all the time, which is never good.

    The only other side I experienced was a bit of insomnia, which I have bouts of anyway. I had no trouble getting to sleep, but staying asleep for more than four hours at a time was a whole nother matter. It didn’t happen every night, though, and when it did I was able to get in a night time protein shake and go back to sleep in a half hour or so. Honestly, I’ve had worse insomnia without tren.

    I didn’t have any problems with aggression, but I am fairly laid back most of the time anyhow. I didn’t have night sweats, tren cough or any of the other sides reported frequently with tren, but I did start to have some joint pain from the Winny the last week of the cycle.

    The good: I got over my fear of needles really fast, and, oh yeah, did I mention I gained 8 pounds and lost body fat?

    The bad: EOD injections suck ass. I messed up two shots during the cycle, and got bruises the size of a quarter. Not the best thing when trying to keep your juicing on the down low. Libido went into hibernation.

    What have I learned from this experience? Use test with tren. The whole libido thing is kind of disconcerting. Also, joint pain really blows. I will probabally never run Winny for longer than 4 wks in the future.

    Will I juice again? You bet your ass! Being able to stack more weight on the bar every single time you step in the gym is pretty sweet, especially while losing bf at the same time. ****, I have already started planning my next cycle. Assuming my blood work comes back in good shape after PCT, I hope to be able to squeeze out another six week cycle before I graduate (from college, before I get flamed) in June. The question now is: cut until I can clearly see abs, or bulk and try to hit 275 lbs?

    Anyway, if you are thinking about tren for a first cycle, do your research, use a short ester in case things go bad, and use test, seriously.

  2. Looks like good results for a cutter. So you couldnt find test, but you could find winny and proviron? Not bashing on you or anything, just think thats kinda weird how you can find that stuff and not test, maybe you could get winstrol at a vet like the fina, but I have never heard if a vet carried winstrol.

  3. Ordering orals and injectables over online pharms carry the same legal consiquences. Just a heads up for next time. Personally I would be to scared to order anything through on online pharm, but that's just me.

  4. well i would never recommend to anyone to run any cycle without test and had you posted this before you did it i would have recommended you wait until you can actually get test
    but with that said sounds like you had a pretty successful cycle .. hope your recovery goes well and i would really suggest holding off cycling until you can get yourself some test

  5. I really thought the Proviron would have helped even without test. There were times at work I just couldn't leave the desk, cuz my danger zone was at attention, using Proviron!

    I agree with glenihan and the rest of the crew, on your next cycle get some test and run it in higher dosages than your tren dose.

    All in all Tren is a helluva drug!

  6. [QUOTE=Snachito]

    I agree with glenihan and the rest of the crew, on your next cycle get some test and run it in higher dosages than your tren dose.


    To reply to the not being able to find test, what happened was that I ordered the winny and the proviron online. I figured the bizzillion orders for legal perscription drugs would make it much less likely the packaged would be opened. I mean hey, the post office would have to open thousands of packages a day if they opened everything they xrayed that had pills in them. I did not want to order injectables because I figured having vials would pretty much garuntee the package being seized if it was xrayed. As far as homebrewing some prop, it looked kind of complicated and I pussed out.

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I have already decided not to do another cycle without test, either by finding a source or improving my chemistry skills! I guess I shouldn't declare this a succesful cycle untill my blood work comes back. The cool thing about that is my girlfriend is a phlebotomist and works in a lab. Now if I can just think up a legitimate sounding excuse to have her run the tests I need, I will be set.

  7. Yanbu, I can totally understand your situation. Really look into Syno conversion, it's really not hard at all. Just takes alot of patience. I was in your situation a while ago and just gave the Syno a go at it and voila Test Prop! Good luck to you yanbu!

  8. be CAREFUL with the syno conversion its REALLY difficult to get all the estradiol out and then you're left with man titties

  9. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    be CAREFUL with the syno conversion its REALLY difficult to get all the estradiol out and then you're left with man titties
    Good point glenihan, yanbu if you do decide to do the syno conversion. Make sure you use an AI and some Nolva during your cycle. I don't think there is any way you could get all of the Estro out of the Test prop. but I think you can get a very large part of it. Good luck!

  10. yeah definitely run both an AI and nolva at at least 20mg a day if you're running prop made from syno

  11. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    yeah definitely run both an AI and nolva at at least 20mg a day if you're running prop made from syno
    I'll do that, thanks for the tip


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