My 1T/4AD cycle log

  1. My 1T/4AD cycle log

    Started my 1T/4AD last friday the 11'th.

    Starting weight ~197
    Starting height 6'

    Current weight ~204

    Been on for just over a week, running 1t at 200mg/day, 4ad at 300mg/day. So far so good, ALL lifts have went up either weight or rep wise, some more significantly than others. Split is: Mon - Quads/calves, Tues - Chest/Tri's, Wed - off/cardio/abs, Thurs - Back/Bi's, Fri - Hamstrings/Delts, sat/sun off/cardio/abs

    Diet is not as clean as it could or should be but I am looking to gain as much muscle mass as possible so I just make sure I eat a ****load as losing weight is easier for me than gaining.

    I am unsure of the calorie and nutrient breakdown but a sample day is:
    wake up: shake - 1 scoop protein, 1/4 cup maltodextrin, 1TBSP olive oil
    Meal 1: 10 eggs (4yolks) with mushrooms, 1 serving oatmeal
    Meal 2: ~2-2.5 servings spaghetti w/ 4 chicken breast tenders
    Meal 3: Tuna fish sandwich (1can tuna, 2 pcs wheat toast, horseradish spread)
    Meal 4: Chicken breast, 2 servings brown rice
    Meal 5: Tuna fish sandwich, maybe a bagel too (need to work something else into this meal)
    Meal 6: Eye of round steak, 2 servings brown rice
    Meal 7: Post W/O shake: 2 scoops protein, 1/2 cup maltodextrin, 1TBSP olive oil
    Meal 8: 2 Tilapia fillets
    Meal 9: ~1lb cottage cheese (before bed)

    That is what I try to get at least, sometimes more sometimes less. Every now and then there is Wendy's in there but oh well.
    Current supplements are: optimum fish oil caps, Taurine caps, AAKG, CEE, and Multi-vit
    I'll try to update this weekly with progress, and then when I'm done I'll post before/afters

  2. Crikey, do you walk around with a feed bag hanging from your neck all day? That's a lot of meals. All seriousness aside, if you can pull that off, it's probably a good idea. Since your body is assured of a steady stream of nutrients, I imagine it will store very little of it as fat. You gonna track your BF% this cycle?

  3. No, not going to do BF, would like to have but I didn't get it done before hand so I don't have a # to compare to.

    I don't know how bad its going to affect the overall cycle but I got a 24hr flu yesterday (still kind of feel like **** today too) all I did was puke, crap and lay around. the only thing I ate all day was a can of chicken noodle soup and I havent ate anything yet today (everything is really disgusting sounding still for some reason) My home scale said I lost 4lbs.

  4. Ok, weight is going back up. I am at ~204 now. the only day I made it to the gym was yesterday though. Definately NOT the way I wanted the week to go but I will just have to deal with it. My appetite was absolute **** until yesterday too, EVERYTHING I used to eat made me want to vomit, especially chicken But I am getting over that and all is pretty much good now. Hopefully my #'s haven't suffered too bad from my little break from the action.

  5. Come tomorrow I will have been on for 3 weeks. Cycle still going ok, weight holding @ 204 Starting tomorrow night I will be taking M1T @ 5mg/day until next friday which will be the end of the cycle. I am going to run out of my original batches of 1t and 4ad tomorrow, which is why I am finishing up with m1t. I did have enough phlojel left to mix up ~ 5 days worth of 4ad to take with the M1t to help with the possible lethargy issue with it.

    I think getting sick and missing nearly a week in the gym and eating terribly for that week really screwed me, hopefully I can gain a couple more pounds and some more strenght from the m1t and end the cycle on a good note.

    and no I don't have any liver protection going on because I had not planned on using m1t, hopefully @ the low dose and short use it'll be ok.

  6. Took last dose of m1t last night. starting nolva today. Results are: Weight up from ~197lbs to ~204 lbs. Good strength increases, for instance bench 5rep weight went up 15-20 lbs, military press is up 20lbs, Goodmorning and Stiff leg deadlift both up 20+.

    mild lethargy was the only side, of course my liver and cholesterol could be screwed up from the m1t but no painful pumps, back pains, cramps, acne etc.

    I am happy with the gains because they were coming extremely slowly until I started this cycle. I will say that I think 200/300 mgs daily for 1t and 4ad was low for me, I think I am going to go with 300/400 or 350/450 next time not sure yet.


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