ok, here we go starting April 1st running for six weeks.

Stats: 23yo, 5'11", 235lbs, 18-20% bf (guestamate, the ****ty bf scale says 28% or so)

Goals: 215lbs, 10-12% bf, spare as much muscle as possible.

Diet: I will be on a slightly modified CKD diet, the modifications will be to the caloric deficit,
Most likely wont go below 500 cals.

Supps: Fish oil, r-ala, sesathin, CEE, Citruline Malate, EC stack, milk thistle, Xtend (on lifting
days), 7-keto-dhea (starting week 3)

Ph/Ps: Mdien 9-14mg ed

Pct: metacort, unless I can get my hands on rebound by then. I may throw in clen for two weeks
at this point, havent decided if i want to, depends on if my goals are met. Will also consider methoxy,
durirng pct time.

Training: will be 3-4 times a week, concentrating mostly on keeping strength up, using a 5x5 and
compound movements for the most part. One session will be total body depleation, followed by carb
up for CKD purposes.

Cardio: will be 3-4 times a week, alternating with lifting schedual, early morning empty stomach solid state
cardio, and HIIT in the evening will be alternating depending on schedual.

Thoughts, suggestions, comments welcome .... let me know what you guys think.