My superdrol 3on 2 off repeat cycle.

  1. My superdrol 3on 2 off repeat cycle.

    I'm finally gonna start my superdrol cycle on monday.

    I'll be taking the following

    I will not stack superdrol, so results will be all superdrol and me.

    week 1-3 superdrol 20mg ed and 5g of taurine ed.

    week 4-5 nolva 40mg ed and lean extreme 150mg ed and gluchophas 3-4 caps ed.

    week6-9 Then supredrol again for 3 weeks.

    week 10-13 3 weeks pct

    week 14-16 3 weeks superdrol.

    week 17-19 pct with nolva and maybe rebound(tm). and gluchopahse and lean extreme.

    I'll be using superdol alone throughout at 20mg ed unless I feel it's not enough.

    My current stats are. 6'3 228lbs 13% bf, Train on a 3 day split 4 times a week.
    I just had bf and measurements taken this morning, so this is very accurate. I'll have an accesment done after every mini cycle
    and then again before each new one begins.

    I eat about 5000 cals per day, 400-500g protein ed. and 400 grams carbs ed the rest are fats.

    I'll up my cals if I feel it's needed. I will however cut my carbs slightly while on the mini pct's and try to lose some bf, with extra
    cardio. I'll also take the training easy while on pct and not go to failure, so my body and joints can rest up.

    Other supps are very basic: whey protein, meal replacements, multi vitamin, milk thisle, no2 and maybe I'll
    use cee in my pct. (and taurine)

    I'm a endo meso, probly 70/30, so I pick up muscle easely, but get fat quite easely too.

    My goal for this entire cycle is to keep bf the same or slightly lower it and get to 245-250lbs.

    My legs are my best bodypart and overpower my upperbody some what. 400lbs squat for 4-6 reps and 440 deadlifts are my personal best lifts and a 1500lbs leg press for one. (had a comp at the gym)

    I'll be doing lots of compound exercise like squats, deads, sldeads, bb shoulder press, decline bb beach etc.

    Updates will be as often as posseble, I'm very exited and am hoping for big things!

    I train very hard and keep a log of all workouts. I have to beat either the reps of weight of the previous session every time I
    step in the gym and If I don't I have to drop that exercise and replace it with a new one.

    Let the fun begin...

  2. I have done 3 previous cycle b.t.w.

    One with 4ad/m1t, one with m4ohn and m1,4add and one with m-dien and m5aa.

    Before those I also did a 1ad cyle and 1test, 4ad cycle and got terreble side effects like rashes so those cycle's were cut very short and don't really count.

  3. What were your gains like on those cycles if you don't mind me asking? Over what type of time period? The reason I ask is your age; just curious man. Thanks
    My The 1 LOG:

  4. The fist 2 gave me good strength and size, but I got quite fat and bloated on the m1,4add.

    I'v decided to stay leaner this time and use drier compounds from now on.

    The m-dien preserved muscle mass well while cutting.

    I did all the cycle last year when I was 20.

  5. refer to prohormone section.

  6. Day 21 Weight 240lbs!!
    up 11lbs from before cycle.

    Those that said 250lbs after the cycle is not gonna happen, what do you say now!!?

    I'm up 11 pounds in 3 weeks. I gained 1 pound of fat and 10 pounds of muscle.

    Current lean body mass is about 207lbs with 33lbs of fat. (lean body mass of 220 after the entire cycle is over would be unreal, thus my new goal ) (Matt you deserve a nobel prize for superdrol )

    Current bf is at 13.4%, I'm gonna cut for the next 2 weeks and just take it easy, since I'm pretty tired, my body needs a rest after 9 weeks of hard training.

    Training is getting to become a bit of a chore, so the break should do me good.

    I gained very little the first week, so I think superdrol takes about 5-7 days to start kicking in for size gains for me. Strenth went up immediately.

    Strength is up alot though, machine shoulder press went from 180lbs for 10 reps to 215lbs for 11 reps as an example.

    My chest is up more than 3 inches!
    Legs up about 2 inches.

    I'm gonna start with 30mg ed on the next mini cycle, then ramp it down to 20mg in week 3.

    I did not eat a ton of carbs, so that shoots the carbs are essential theory out the window. I ate about 400g on training days(4days a week) and about 120 on non as stated before.

    I really feel the muscle in extremely solid and dry and don't think I'll lose much post mini cycle. This is new muscle not just glycogen, or that's how I feel anyway, whith the lowish carbs I was eating.

    I'd just like to say this 3 week on 2-3 week off superdrol cycle is brilliant!!

    Be using this in every bulk for the next 3-5 years, till I reach my goal body. (No more than 15 weeks on superdrol per year though)

    I will start cutting for the mini pct 2morrow, for 2 weeks and will follow a ketogenic carb cycling type diet(body opus). Should be eating 3500-4000 cals per day a nd traing 3 days a week( not to failure) and do as much low intensity cardio as posseble.

    I'll be using the following supplements as well:
    lean extreme 3 caps per day,
    nolva 20mg ed,
    cee 3g twice a day, flax oil, muliti vitamine and a eca stack.

    I hope to drop about 4-5 lbs of fat in these 2 weeks while giving my body a rest while retaining all muscle gained.

    I really don't feel suppressed and sexual performance and lebido if as great as always.

  7. nice job bro just wanted to bump this thread up are you on your second three week cycle yet? If so how have your gains been also how did you do during your pct and did you do it for 2 or 3 weeks? thanks

  8. Interested to see how you are doing also.

  9. Yes I'm on the second week, and it's going well.

    Refer to the prohormone section for more info. I post there mostly as more people go there.


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