First timers 1T/4AD cycle how much is too much?

  1. First timers 1T/4AD cycle how much is too much?

    I've got my phlojel ultra coming soon, so I will be ready to do my cycle in a couple weeks. Right now I am still thinking about what dose I want to run. Originally I was going to do 6G 1T, 9G 4AD @ 200mg1t/300mg4ad daily divided into two separate doses (30 day cycle btw). Should I keep it at this or up the 1T to 250mg/day? Is it worth it to add the extra 50mg's of 1T?

    I have some nolva powder on the way (yes it will be ready to dose before I start the cycle just in case) for PCT and am getting the diet in line as well. What I am looking to get out of this cycle is as much as I can lol, I just started a new 5x5 routine, It is strength oriented but I think I have enough volume to add some good mass as well.


  2. I would run the cycle longer than 4 weeks, it took 1 week before I saw anything from my cycle. I would shoot for 6 weeks. 300mg 1-test / 300mg 4ad worked well for me. I am a slight non-responder so the 200mg/300mg may work well for you, but if you are a big guy I would increase the dose.

  3. I think I am just going to do the 4 weeker to see how well I take this, its my first ph cycle EVER so I want to get my feet wet. I have 21g of 1t so I do have enough for another cycle, if this one goes good I'll do a 6weeker at a later time.

    I think I will run it at 300/300 though, if its too much I can dose lower.

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