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  1. pre-contest cycle log

    i don't think my attention span is good enough to keep a detailed log, but i'll give it a shot. i have two contests coming up. the first is 10 weeks away, the second is the following week. cycle started today, so yeah, it's a long one.

    weeks 1-4
    200-300mg 1-test trans
    300mg 4-ad

    weeks 5-8
    10-20mg sd

    weeks 9-11
    20-30mg mohn
    40-80mg m5aa
    maybe 1,4ad..haven't determined dose yet.

    most people would probably run the 1-test closer to the contest date, but i've never tried it before and didn't want to end up with a rash a week out or so. i'd really like to run the sd right up until the contest but i'm trying to make a weight and the weight gain scares me a little. i may tweak the dosages on everything, but i'm trying to err on the side of caution due to the length of the cycle. yes, i know i'm stacking methyls at the end, but i think it will be alright. i may drop one or the other if need be.

    other relevant items:

    current weight: 193 (looking for 176)
    other supps: man scorch, anarchy (cla, green tea, alcar, lipoic) stack, lots of protein in the form of whey (am, pre- and post- workout), micellar (night) and mrp's (when i just can't choke that chicklen breast down). i may rotate eca and/or clen with the scorch.

    diet stays between 2000-2500 cals. usually i eat the same thing every day. oatmeal, chicken breast, lean ground beef, brown rice/yams. like i said, i'll swap a met-rx for a meal when i need a break. no cheat days or meals, but i might go a little more diverse with my diet on the weekend. i started the diet 6 weeks ago at a weight of 207.

    i lift 4 days a week, and hit cardio 5 days a week.

    will try to post some current pics in the next day or two.

    *of course this is all hypothetical, since i threw my ph's away in january...same as the rest of you guys.*

  2. I'd like to know how you feel about the MAN scorch product. I was impressed with bodyoctane so any feedback would be appreciated.
    My The 1 LOG:

  3. Quote Originally Posted by motiv8er
    I'd like to know how you feel about the MAN scorch product. I was impressed with bodyoctane so any feedback would be appreciated.
    i'm only a week in to it, so no feedback as of yet. i made my own "body octane" type product (i work for a supp company) but i really wasn't impressed with it.

  4. bump for updates

  5. here's my split:

    monday: chest/bi's/abs/cardio
    tues: quads/calves/cardio
    wed: cardio
    thursday: back/hams/abs/cardio
    fri: cardio
    sat: shoulders/traps/tris/calves/cardio
    sun: off

    obviously no update today, since i'm off.

    i'll try to keep the important updates at the beginning of each post, for people like me, who don't like to wade through a lot of info.

  6. pics from today. bad quality, but you get the idea...
    Attached Images Attached Images    

  7. no real updates. i bumped the 4-ad to 600mg. originally i wanted to take a real small dose in order to help with 1-test sides, but i just didn't think 300 was going to do much. i'll drop it back down if i notice any water retention.

    the only other thing is that people aren't kidding when they say not to get the 1-test gel on your hands before putting your contacts in. it's kind of like when someone says, "man this smells, check it out." you know you should take their word for it, but you never do.

  8. no significant updates again. weight is down to 190. i've been hungrier this week than i have been in the past 6 weeks of dieting. i'm not sure whether or not i can attribute that to this cycle, but one thing i can attribute to the cycle is increased aggresion (anger). the little things don't roll off my back as easily as they normally would. i've really noticed a change the last two days. M1t made me feel the same way when i took it. now, let's see if that will spill over in to my workouts.

  9. How tall are you?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Nullifidian
    How tall are you?
    5'7 or 5'8.

  11. In those pictures I'd place you at about 10% bodyfat; 190 is frigging jacked for 5'7" 10%. Nice work!

  12. I would have put him at 5" 3-4" from the looks of him. There is a lot of mass there. You should do well in the middle weight class.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Nullifidian
    In those pictures I'd place you at about 10% bodyfat; 190 is frigging jacked for 5'7" 10%. Nice work!
    thanks. "jacked" might be pushing it a little...but i'm trying.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by SJA
    I would have put him at 5" 3-4" from the looks of him. There is a lot of mass there. You should do well in the middle weight class.
    5'3? what am me?

    thanks for the encouragement.

  15. 1 week in to the first phase of the cycle and nothing major to report. the irritability has subsided for now and i had a great workout today.

  16. here's the last update for the week: weight is at 188. i think i'm looking harder. no major effects (pro or con) from the 1-test/4-ad. i'm expecting a little more over the next 2 weeks.

    i picked up a brutle cold from my girlfriend and have been fighting that for a few days. i can lift, but cardio is next to impossible. i'd have been further ahead if i took a few days off to rest, but from a mental standpoint, that wasn't going to do. i'm going to try to get through tomorrow's workout, and then i'm taking 3 days off to go to the arnold classic. if any of you are going make sure to say "hi". i'll be the guy who looks like he lifts

  17. well, i'm over 1/2 in to phase 1 of this cycle, and i still don't have much of a report. my weight is at 186. i'm looking harder, but that can easily be attributed to the diet/cardio. so far, i've seen none of the infamous 1-test lethargy. in fact, my energy in the gym is up. my strength, on the other hand, is non-existant. any time i drop below 200lbs that is the case. i'm going to resist the temptation to up dosages, since the cycle will last for so long. i'm pinning most of my hopes on the sd anyway.

    if i get time tomorrow i'm going to write up my review of the arnold classic weekend.

  18. How about some more pics?

    Looking at your previous pics it seems your left shoulder development is lacking? Just wondering as I have the same problem with my right shoulder, and was wondering what you do to fix this?

  19. i was going to post pics after each phase of the next ones will be in about 1 &1/2 weeks. i never noticed any difference in shoulders. i think the problem is that i do my most muscular one hand on top of the other. it makes the arm that is bent more seem bigger, and possibly affects the shoulder too. i'll post pics with right hand up, and then the left to see if that is the diffference maker. some people do their most muscular with their hands even, but i've always preferred it the way i do it.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm

    Looking at your previous pics it seems your left shoulder development is lacking? Just wondering as I have the same problem with my right shoulder, and was wondering what you do to fix this?
    i don't have any specific advice regarding a lagging shoulder, but here's one thing i've found useful for a lagging side:

    i'm right side dominant. my left arm used to lag behind my right in development. one day i figured out that when doing curling exercises one arm a time, i always led with my right. i think, subconciously, that i treated the right as the "lead" arm and the left as the "trail" arm. i put more effort in to the motion with the lead arm and the trail arm just kind of followed along for the ride. so, i switched up and made my left the lead arm. this really seemed to help. i've used this approach with my quads as well.

    now i realize that most shoulder exercises aren't done one side at a time, but try this...i do db lateral raises with every shoulder workout, and i always do them one arm at a time. try them...and lead with your lagging side. try it with any other exercise that you might do one side at a time (front raises) and see if that doesn't help after a few months.

  21. ok i'm 7 weeks out from the 1st show, and i'm 3 weeks in to the 1-test/4ad. i've noticed some positive changes in the past few days. my weight is hovering around 187 but i'm leaner and more vascular. i seem to be retaining more mass than i would have without the above combo.

    here's some notes from the arnold weekend if anyone is interested:

    i go mostly for the free supps. the expo is better than halloween if you're willing to work a little. it seemed like the companies weren't quite as giving this year as they were last year, but there were still some good booths.

    vpx is still the king of the giveaway. they downsized a little from last year, but if you hang around their booth, you're going to get a lot of freebies.

    eas gives away a nice package, but the line is way too long. same with american bodybuilding.

    bsn started out with a bang but they ran out of bags pretty early. by then, coleman was there to sign autographs, so they still had a lot of traffic. other decent booths were twinlab (way down from last year though), scivation, labrada and prolab.

    met-rx was the big dissapointment for me. they weren't giving away squat. the trend this year was to hand out small bites of bars and/or small drinks for people to sample, rather than actually give packaged product away. which is ok, i guess, unless you are on a strict diet and have to pass on the samples.

    here's a few thoughts on some of the names that were there:

    ronnie...looked really small to me. i wouldn't be surprised if he were taking an off-season "break". i'll bet he only weighed 260.

    arnold...people follow him around like he is god. i just don't get it. any time he walked around i headed the other way to avoid the traffic.

    lou ferrigno...looks fantastic for his age. looks good for any age.

    sergio/ frank zane...haven't aged as well. enough said.

    cutler...looked pretty good for the off-season.

    i can't remember the name of the most impressive dude there. he was about 6'7 with a shaved head and arms bigger than my legs. my boss is 5'11 250 and this guy absolutely dwarfed him. shane? ian? i can't remember. he seemed to have a great demeanor and was really hamming it up for pics.

    one thing that really stands out is that i couldn't walk 10 feet without running in to someone twice my size. kind of makes rubbing 1-test on the tops of my feet seem a liitle silly. i did keep an eye out for the top middleweights, just to do a comparison. stan mcquay doesn't seem to be all that big and i think i could get on stage with him without getting totally embarrased. tricky jackson, on the other hand, was about 3 inches shorter than me and had way too much mass for me.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by kyfra
    ... so far, i've seen none of the infamous 1-test lethargy. in fact, my energy in the gym is up ...
    I feel good on 1T too, it has a mild mood brightening effect at the proper dose. M1T however, forget about it!

    Once you get to the SD phase (wk 5-8) you'll get your endurance back with a vengeance. I bet you experience a strength improvement here too. With the looks of your diet, I'd say don't be afraid to go with 20mg instead of 10 on the SD. Excessive weight gain is not a problem with a clean, low cal diet for sure. But maybe start the first few days or week at 10 just to attenuate aggression, should it affect you.

    Thank you for bringing my attention to your log, your looking great Kyfra. Excellent shoulder density. In fact, you don't seem to have a weakness. I'll be intrested to track your progress leading up to the comp.

  23. Good luck with you run and good write up on the Arnold.

    I wish I would have started a log as you did on my sd run. I'm on a 6 week sd 20 mg/4ad trans 600mg. Great stack for strength in my opinion.

    We're the same height. I'm bulking and started off 196 20%bf and am at 212 15%. Wish I had ordered more sd.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by raylewis

    We're the same height. I'm bulking and started off 196 20%bf and am at 212 15%. Wish I had ordered more sd.
    good luck with the bulk, ray.

    i'm off the 1-test/4-ad as of today. i'll post new pics, thoughts on the first phase of the cycle, and ramble about what's ahead later this weekend.

  25. my $10 digital camera needs to charge, so i'll post pics tonight. here's the update:

    phase1...weeks 1-4- 200-300mg transdermal 1-test (it's hard to be specific with transdermal dosing) and 600 mg 4ad.
    i started at 193, now around 185. i think i look a little leaner, but really, no huge changes in my physique. these, like any other ph/ps compounds that i've tried work so much better when they're not faced with a caloric deficit. the best i can hope for is to hang on to a little more muscle than i would have without, although maybe sd will surprise me. no major sides so far. zero water retention from the 4ad, so that fear, at least at this dose, was unfounded. i had some mild lethargy the last week, but i was fighting a cold, so that could have been the problem. one thing i failed to report is that i was taking 50mg of mdht, pre-workout, 4 days a week. honestly, i didn't notice a thing. caffeine works just as well as far as a pre-workout boost, and this is nothing that i'll bother with again.

    next up...weeks 5-8 on superdrol. i'm starting the dose at 10mg and will adjust from there. i have no intention of going higher than 20 though. depending on how i react to the sd i might cut it a week short, or if all is going well, extend it. i'm leaning toward including the 1,4 ad in the last 4 weeks of the cycle, and will probably include the m5aa somewhere at the end. the mohn i can give or take, so we will see.

    i finished taking my bottle of man scorch. i'm lukewarm on it. no real energy boost from this stuff, and the thermogenic effects i'd say were minimal. i have access to so many free fatburners that it makes no sense for me to drop any more cash on this stuff. i just wanted to try it since i'd heard good feedback. i got a bunch of free samples at the arnold that i've been trying out the past few days. i really liked ergopharm's "amp" for it's nice, even energy boost. i will probably make some of this at work and take it pre-workout. how anyone can take vpx "redline" is beyond me. i know some people swear by it, but everytime i take it i want to jump off a building. yohimbe and i just don't mix well. the other day i took 2 redline in the morning and still felt panicky 8 hours later. i'm leaning against using clen. i have some, but i've never tried it before and i've always been a little scared of it. if anything, i might switch over to an eca stack for the final few weeks.

    other than that, i'm fairly pleased with my preparation. my weight is roughly where i want it to be. i've quit counting calories, and i'm now just dieting off instinct. i've done this so many times, that i have a pretty good feel for. i've been lazy about my posing and haven't tanned at all. the posing i'll start hitting over the next couple of weeks, but i'll probably skip tanning altogether and just pour about a gallon of protan on come the week of the show.


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