pre-contest cycle log

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  1. Wow, you're looking great. Nice striations in your trap:

  2. Quote Originally Posted by kyfra
    i stared working on posing tonight. i'm so lazy i haven't practiced at all. i forgot how sore i get at first. i have to say, i'm really pleased with where i'm at. i can't believe the fullness of muscles at this point. i'm usually so depleted.

    i know it's probably not the smartest thing, but i'm really contemplating finishing up these last couple of weeks with more sd, rather than switch over to mohn/m5aa. i'd hate to get off the sd and see my size dwindle when i'm this close to the finish.

    any thoughts?
    The mohn/m5aa would be a good cutter/hardener at the end as you planned, but you really don't appear no need that at this point. Your weight is so clean now that I would seriously concider finishing w/ the SD. It covers all the bases, and fat gain is not a prob as tight as your diet is. The choice is yours, but it wouldn't be a bad choice. SD is a good finisher and you won't have to fight acne close to the contest.

  3. i guess i'll play it by ear with the sd...i'm leaning toward at least one more week w/sd

    dr. d- what are your thoughts on adding lean extreme in to the equation at this point? i was thinking of running 150mg ed for the next 3 weeks and then the same dose for 3 weeks of my pct.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by kyfra
    dr. d- what are your thoughts on adding lean extreme in to the equation at this point? i was thinking of running 150mg ed for the next 3 weeks and then the same dose for 3 weeks of my pct.
    It might not help with you on the orals already unless you were planning to really lower cals or lose a lot of sleep or something, but it sure couldn't hurt. They should stack fine.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by DR.D
    It might not help with you on the orals already unless you were planning to really lower cals or lose a lot of sleep or something, but it sure couldn't hurt. They should stack fine.
    i just thought i might encounter some stress-enduced cortisol over the nex few weeks with everything i'm putting my body through. to be perfectly honest though, i don't completely understand cortisol or the mechanism behind lean extreme. as long as it falls under the "it couldn't hurt" catagory i'll give it a try. won't be the first time i used a shotgun approach with my supplementation.

    as far as my updates go...i'm 2 weeks out, and for the most part i feel like i'm ready. i need to tighten up in the lower abs, glutes, quads, and hamstrings...the normal areas for me at this stage. i am starting to see some striations on my glutes, however. my weight fluctuates between 178-180. i don't see making the class being any problem. if history repeats itself, i'll probably come in a few lbs under. i decided to stick with my original plan and switch from sd to mohn/m5. i'm starting at 24mg mohn and 30mg m5 and adjust as need be. i continue to take 600mg 1,4.

    i've been feeling really odd lately, and not in a good way. something i'm taking is keeping me up at night, causing anxiety and just giving me a generally bad feeling. i also feel like my bp is going through the roof at times. and oh yeah, i'm really mean. i have about zero control of my temper (which can be a rough thing when you've got a 5 year old running have to take a lot of deep breaths). i checked my bp yesterday, and while it was higher than normal, it was not alarming. if i had to pick a culprit, i'd go with the 1,4. this is my first time around with it. i didn't notice anything like this from the sd the first 3 weeks, so i don't think that was it.

  6. Where are you with SD? The more or longer I dose SD I can get ALL types on CNS stimulation or even aggrevation. The first time I did SD I think my exact quote was" I was like a dinsour growling all over my house." The more I did, the better I felt, the more I thought I was a dinosour. My guess is SD is so powerful and new it has some majorly still unknown neurological pathways. My fav quote 'bout SD is the only thing that goes best with it is more. Just my two cents though...
    My The 1 LOG:

  7. four weeks in. two weeks at 10mg and two at 20mg. i wanted to stay on for the next 3 weeks, but something tells me that's a bad idea. if i compete again (and i won't in the near future), i'll cut the overall cycle down to 6-8 weeks, up the dosages, and do a little more combining of ph/ps. i think 11 weeks total is just going to be too long. oh well, live and learn.

  8. I would have to say that Kyfa is the best devoloped guy I have ever seen who has posted on Anabolic Minds board.

    BEST OF LUCK with the contest!


  9. Quote Originally Posted by CROWLER
    I would have to say that Kyfa is the best devoloped guy I have ever seen who has posted on Anabolic Minds board.
    thanks, i appreciate the compliment. i'm sure there are a lot of guys here who look good, but not too many people post their own pics. you have to remember that i'm near contest shape, which is a huge advantage. you wouldn't want to see pics of me up around 220 (not a pretty sight). then again, it works both ways...i'm so scrawny in street clothes right now that you'd be hard pressed to tell that i workout.

    i do have to say that AM is a real hidden gem. lots of great info here...glad i found it.

  10. i'm a little over a week out now. i'm considering dropping the mohn and going back to sd. i feel like i'm not quite as "full" as i was a week ago. i'm a real head case around this time anyway. i go back and forth between thinking i look pretty good and thinking i look awful. i really don't mind the dieting but when i get this close, i get anxious and want to hurry up and get on stage.

  11. go get em kyfra, I'm sure you look amazing and are gonna do awesome at the contest.
  12. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    Dying to see what happens and THE PICS!

  13. Your last set of pics was 2 weeks ago and you looked phenomenal. I'm sure you look even better now, so don't sweat it. You're gonna kick some major ass.

  14. snapped a couple of pics tonight before the digital lost it's charge.

    overall, i'd have to say i'm pretty happy with where i'm at. if i don't f*** anything up this week, i should come in where i want to. no real report on the cycle. at this point i'm in survival mode. no real sides right now. i actually feel pretty decent, but i constantly feel like i'm on the verge of being my body has had enough of this crap. hopefully i can hang on a little longer.
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  15. lookin damn damn good, cant wait to see the tan and it all come together wtih pics from the stage.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by BOHICA
    lookin damn damn good, cant wait to see the tan and it all come together wtih pics from the stage.
    thanks man. for as hard as i trained and dieted this time, i got super lazy with the posing and tanning. i'm going to start painting coats on wednesday, and i should be set by saturday. as for the posing...maybe i should start putting a routine together

  17. hey kyfra my first contest is coming up in a few weeks and there are a few q's i'd like to ask you if you don't mind .. but i can't PM you .. would you mind emailing me at so i can ask you a few things

    and post on here when you see my email addy so i can remove it, even if you don't want to help me lol ... thanks a ton man .. btw you look sick!
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    you look sick!
    well, he did say he was on the "verge of being sick".

    looking great kyfra.

  19. Nice Cuts! YOu should be proud of your accomplishments.

  20. thanks guys. i'm trying not to get my hopes up. the quality of competition really seems to be up around here since i was active in the 90's. i competed last fall for the first time in years and basically got my ass handed to me, but i came in flat and smooth for that one. i'm much happier with how i look now.

  21. kyfra could edit post #60 and take my email addy outta the quote lol thanks
  22. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    I just gonna say KEYFR needs to edit his quote! Hey Key, looking amazing bro....we got your back if you need the support!

  23. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    kyfra could edit post #60 and take my email addy outta the quote lol thanks
    sorry about that. i blame lack of food.

  24. that's my excuse for just about everything nowadays lol

  25. hey dr. d (if you're still following this), or anyone else for that matter, i'm starting to put my pct together in my head. i'm thinking with the length of this cycle i better not half-ass pct (not that i would anyway). i'm pretty sure i'm going to try rebound, but i was wondering if there is any advantage to stacking anti-estrogens? i have rebound, nolva, 6-oxo and formestene. i know they don't all block e through the exact same mechanism, but i'm not that familiar with them (or smart enough) to know which might stack well. if stacking isn't an option, then would staggering work? say 3-4 weeks of rebound follwed by 3-4 weeks of another compound.

  26. quick update...had the first show yesterday. took 3rd in a class of 11. i screwed up and went on stage way too pale for pre-judging. everyone (including the head judge) commented on it. i came back darker than anyone at night, but by then it was pointless. i spent the day thinking that my mistake might have knocked me out of the placings, but in the end it cost me, at the most, one spot. the guy who won the class was really much so that he took the overall, beating out a huge heavy and superheavy. the guy in second had me in upper body thickness, i had him in legs and conditioning. like i said, my mistake might have cost me there. i'll get another shot at him next week though.

    i'll be back after next week's show with pics and some final thoughts about the cycle.

  27. Great, 3rd is nothing to shy away from, I look forward to the pics.

  28. Congrats, bro. Definitely looking forward to the pics. They are very inspirational. They give me something to work towards.
  29. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    Just chiming in on whats already been said....3rd is nothing to be ashamed of, DEF looking forward to the pics! Good luck on your next show, we're all here rooting for you and here for support bro!

  30. congrats man! that's awesome .. i'm sure you'll take your next show with better coloring

  31. well, as expected, the 2nd show was tougher than the first. the good news is that i did come back with better color (thank you dream tan) and beat the guy from last week. the bad news is i only took 4th in the middle's. crazy good competetion in this one. for the 2nd week in a row the middleweight won the overall (different guy this time...much better than the one from last week). i'll have pics back on wednesday and wrap this thread up then.

  32. the pictuers turned out terrible. my girlfriend took 6 rolls using a disposable without zoom, so it's senseless to post most of them. there are some from the night before the 1st one that turned out ok.
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  33. here's a couple of jay cutler and one of all the guest posers...gunter, ronnie, dexter, cormier, darrem c, jay, roc shabazz, victor martinez...maybe a couple more. i can't remember.
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  34. wow man you look great .. bone dry .. definitely right about your color though .. your conditioning was phenemonal now

    how's the post show rebound been?

  35. You look tremendous Kyfra. What weight did you end up competing at? And how much of the last pounds do you think were just water?

  36. Yeah, bro. Sweet cuts, I know that took a lot of work.
  37. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    You definitely looked GREAT Keyfra! I know I have seen it at other boards but do you think we can get Bobo to create a competition section in the forum? I know I have aspirations to compete in the near future!

  38. wow looks like all the hard work paid off!

    just out of curiosity and not knowing too much about being in "contest shape", how long can you hold that type of look or conditioning? do you gain a bunch of weight after a week or so?

  39. thanks for the kind words guys. to answer some questions...i weighed 175 the first show and 174 the second. i didn't try to drop water at the end, because i wasn't really retaining any. i was only taking sd at the time. i think i could maintain that condition for a few weeks if i had another contest coming up (and i had to), but since i know i can eat again, it's tough. i'm not a naturally lean person and my body struggles at a low body fat %. i'd rather be fat and happy. right now i weigh 185 (and that's only because i've restrained myself ) my record is 30 lbs in 20 days. however, i think i'm going to do one more contest at middleweight in the fall, so i don't want to get too heavy. after that i'm going to take 18 months and try to compete as a light-heavy, so after that it's hello fatboy.

    glenihan, after competing for 17 years i think i've finally found the perfect formula for contest tanning. it's what i'll be doing from now on.

    assuming saturday morning pre-judging:

    1. apply 3 coats of pro-tan throughout the day on friday
    2. upon waking saturday, do not shower. instead appy another coat of pro-tan.
    3. one hour before getting on stage begin to appy one coat of dream tan #2. this will take about 20 minutes. bring someone along to will be a bitch by yourself. do not put your clothes back on. do not apply oil...there is enough of a sheen in the dream tan for pre-judging.
    4. some of the dream tan will wear off between the morning and pre-judging. you should still be dark enough for the night show though, so only apply another coat if you really need it. you should be dry enough at night to apply oil. use a spray-on like pam and don't rub it in.

  40. thanks for the tanning info man .. only problem as far as i'm concerned is the place that's holding the contest i'm doing doesn't allow dream tan to be applied on the premises (i guess i don't blame them, the **** can get everywhere) ..
    do you shower at any time after applying the first coat friday?


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