My SD powder/ M 1, 4 powder cycle

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  1. My SD powder/ M 1, 4 powder cycle

    I am on a mighty winter bulk. I will be using 20 mg's of SD and around 90 mg's of M 1, 4 daily. i would like to thank tattoedpierced1's log as it has been of great help. I have been training seriously for 4 years while attaining some sports medicine certs. In the past I would have considered myself a distance athelete who liked some size, now I just want lbMASS! I probably borderline overtraining while on cycle, but I recover so darn fast! I eat a pretty clean 4500 to 5000 calrie per day diet. I would break it down 40/40/20. I have two bad shoulders so i am always having to be somewhat careful when incorperating overhead or bench press moves. I train my scp, rot cuff, infra, muscle groups about 4 times a week. Then I proceed to my target muscle groups. I always feel like a whuss when somebodys checking me out "warming up" my shoulders. All I am thinking is watch me in a second bitch...

    I am 6'3
    204 lbs
    10-11% bf

    I will be doing some cardio, but not too lengthy or intense. I have a ton of other supps as I will comment on what they do to me when appropiate. Main ones are

    prostate care
    green tea/ rhodlia rosea
    melatonin/ gaba BTW- Awesome "sleep like rock" combo

    I consider myself fairly expereinced with PH', Nutrition, recovery and sleep patterns. Nolva and clomid are on hand. I may try some dhea (DR D) and fenugreek to depending on where the boys are.

    I am looking foward to some growth here. I am always about a lean growth process. not unlike european methods. If I get to a rather lean 220 I will have climbed a friggin mountain. I am also interested in Synergys new cAMPHOBOLIC product for PCT. And Lean extreme. Wonder how those two might work together? That's another log! Any advice appreciated!
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  2. Good luck brutha. It will be intresting to see how it goes with a wet compound like M14ADD. Tat did well. I'm sure you will too.

  3. tattoopierced1
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    thanks for the props man!!! If you got it though, up the M1,4ADD to 140mg or more. I would have loved to used more M1,4ADD but I'm a broke bastard and thats all I could afford at the time.. Anyways, good luck with the cycle, I'm very interested in seeing how you do on it. Dont forget to have some taurine on hand if the back cramps get too bad.

  4. I am sure it was placebo, but during my 2.25 hour workout, I felt like i could have kept on going. That is usually my thing when I am "on" anyhow. It's like I could have kept lifting. Nothing too crazy elsewhere. I did legs and chest today. It will be interesting to see how my legs feel on Friday. I did 3 sets of one legged squats and oh, feel that burn!
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  5. tattoopierced1
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    2 hour workout, jeez thats one helluva long workout!!

  6. I hope that includes cardio.

  7. I've definitely been keeping an eye on Tattoo's log, and will also watch yours.

    After I cut down to 8% BF or less I will be Starting a Superdrol, M 1,4, and 1-test cyp cycle that will last for 6-8 weeks.

    Glad to see these cycles beforehand.

  8. It's a rare thing that I go into the gym and don't do cardio. I almost have this "weird" notion that doing cardio helps warm up the rest of my body therefore preventing injury. I do it religiously. and it keeps me pretty lean. I also take a large container of NJ and Vendetta adn sip in it during the workout. In between trips to the watercooler. When you do abs, streatch and calves every workout, it take s awhile. What can I say, I like self abuse!

    As a side note, I have been drinking more water than usual, which is a lot! I will weigh myself tomorrow.
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  9. Have you ever considered shortening your sessions by working out 2X a day?

  10. I have considered it but I am a "once I am here lets do this ****" kind of mentallity. Probably not nearly as productive as possible, but it does get done. I wonder how I would do if I only did half and procrastinated? That is what I think I am afraid of.
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  11. Feb 5th

    I had a horrible amount of work between thurs night bouncing, shooting a major commercial (GRIP) and bouncing again Friday night-- I am wiped out. My diet was not consistant I had no rest (1 hour sleep Thur night) But my bills are payed...

    The good news, I trained really hard tues and weds and decided to not train thur to make sure I was recovered and able do all the work in front of me. After the bar closed last night I stopped and picked up some pasta from a local deli and inhaled that before I chrashed. I worked out to today but it was more mental than pushing. My attitude while fatigued was very aggressive. I did back and biceps today while hiting more reps at a high weight with rows that I had anticipated. I also did more reps with a higher weight than I thought I was going to be able to do while hitting biceps.

    I have to bounce tonight and hopefully I'll get a good nights rest and sleep for a solid 8 or 9 before I watch THE GAME while not drinking. I WILL go do chest and triceps tomorrow whenever I get up.

    So far- up 4 lbs-
    Attitude is good
    Energy is good
    Want to see how I recover before tomorrow.
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  12. HOLY SH$#@$#T man, my workout today was great! I was rested and poised, what I difference I!felt with the supps being in my system for almost a week. I am up another pound to 209 lbs, and looking leaner. I added taurine 3 days ago at lean ones suggestion and I think it is also helping with volumization/ non-cramping.

    When I got home from lifting chest/ tris; I looked in the mirror and had spider veins running across my WHOLE upper body/ shoulders. I hit a PR on Benche Press today.

    I had such a good day I feel like I am writing a log on!!!!!!!!!!

    See you guys at the Superdrol; I mean Superbowl tonight!!!
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  13. So it sounds like you like Superdrol huh?
  14. Off day: Mon 7th

    Today was my off day from weights, so I went and did over an hours worth of cardio, abs, and stretched. I cannot run right now. I tried jogging, the pump in my calves was WAY too much. Androgens and jogging don't work for me. I have tight hams already so whatever, I elepticized my way into cardio bliss. And rowed.

    I know it isn't possible, but I think I even look harder!! I feel absolutely wonderful right now. SD is the cats Meow.

    I am looking foward to tomorrows back/bis so bad!!

    Weight is solidly going up, I am now at 211lbs! That is 7 pounds total.
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  15. Feb 11th

    So much to report on. My back/bis workout was just sick. I was blasting past PRs the whole time. Two days later my lats feel just sick and swollen. My endurance has been great both in aerobics which also feels almost "anabolic" right now; and downright insane with lifting as well. I did chest/tris yesterday and continued to blow past all my PRs like they were going out of style.

    I was working in the bar I bounce in last night and girls were walking up to me and saying, can I squeeze it? *Note to self: when a beautiful woman asks if she can sqeeze it you respond HELL YES!!" I felt like a sponge at a bank tellers window last night. Some of the sickest propazations I have ever had as well. Of course I am just as of recently coming down with a girlfriend... fu)(*&^%$ck!!

    I am going to do some cardio, eat a small meal and recover, and go lift. I would say to date this is by far the most sick mass stack I've ever been on. The biggest negative right now is I may need to take more taurine and my back cramps are getting out of control. Also I am having to watch what i say, I am a little headsure and cockstrong... something like that.
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  16. Update:

    Weight:214.5 lbs
    Body Compisition : 6.6 by threefold caliper methodEvery Pr broken.
    My biggest concern is for my connective joints and ligiments...
    So far they are holding up great. I must be stretching 45 minutes to an hour everyday. You know you are right on track when you are stretching in a rooom full of people and you didn't notice you were stretching. My ass, all hangning out.

    I have def leaned out, poss diurtic effect. Also doing cardio while on has seemed to cause a faster fat loss. I have been doing 1 1hour and four 40 minute cardio sessons everyweek at 65% intensity. By the time I leap off (endurance is megamuth****a bad) elliptical I am swollen and pumped looking pretty bad ass.

    I have def been more aggresive, at times I have just locked myself in my house, surrounded myself with food and sworn off going outside. Very effective. My poor puppy has to think I have just gone off the deep end of a Napoleon, computer, self-driven madness. Throw in there some Incredible dismorphia; oh yes. A champions recipe! If I have sadi anything off to anyone, I apoligise for being snappy, becaus eI have been a moody little bitch!

    This three week part of my 3/2/3/2/3 big off is almost done. Wed is the last day until I get two weeks of PCT. I have a a bottle of Dermi's big 1 I was thinking of using a gram a week for the next three weeker with 2o mgs of SD, and jumpstart it with what remaining M 1,4 diol I have left. ( A little over a gram) How does that sound for the next part of my bulker?

    214.5 time 6.6 BF = ? LBM my brain is broken. Like 197 lbs? Thanks. Also as a side note, my BF is 6.6 but I have alsways had the spare tire effect, not bragging. LOL I have a long history with either being self-destructive or constructive ( lots of alcohol and drug use) Have I created a highway to abdominal destruction? My bodyparts are quite lean, my abs still not "cut". All suggestions welcome. FWIW, I have made it a life long commitment to making better decisions; but far from being perfect; yet.
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  17. your 200 pounds LBM.10 pound gain and 4 % fat loss that there is
    some good results.

    But you might be off some with your calipers because if thats right
    That means you gained 20 pounds LBM and lost 6 pounds of fat all in
    12 days?

    Calipers can be tricky but if your not wrong in your calculations then I
    Bow down to you because you are then man at cycling.

  18. I think I may have overestimated when I said I was 10-11% BF. I think it must have been closer to 9-10%. I had the YMCA fitness supervisor do the measurements... she seemed proficient and educated. I actually started this log a few days into the cycle, my starting weight was 204, so it is really like day 19 right now, to make sure I am clear. And yes, I have been living in a training bomb shelter. Thanks for the props. I am trying to give Lean One a run for most sexy this year!!

    Just got done doing over an hours worth of cardio, abs, rotator cuff, and stretching. I feel like a million bucks. I am worried about overall drying out of joints with a t/d 1-test/ SD cycle in another two weeks. I am using over 4 mls of sesathing ed. I feel like that kinda helps keep me lubed, if you buy that! Please let me know your feedback on my next cycle idea. I am looking to do another lean bulker. Thanks hombres!
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by motiv8er
    I am trying to give Lean One a run for most sexy this year!!
    Then you'd better train your ass off buddy. I'm in the planning stages of "Lean Ones' Ultimate Cutter" coming to a forum near you in March 2005. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
  20. tattoopierced1
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    all of this sexy talk reminds me of the SNL spoof of the Antonio Bandaras show... too sexy, too sexy...

  21. how much M1,4add are you currently running?
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  22. I started off at 90 mgs and bumped it up to 120 for about a week. SOmewhere in there I started to feel fat and my back was *starting* to have some serious cramp issues. I eased down to around 90 comfortably. I am running a cycle scheddule much like your D59, 3/2/3/2/3 BIG OFF. What are your thoughts about throwing some t/d 1-test in there with the same lin-up next round? Good mix or overkill?

    I have been having some serious shoulder/ back acne. Just wish SD grew on trees. My prostate is a little sore, but I am prone to that. My two weeks off starts tomorrow.

    My strength edurance has really been amazing. I feel like I am showing off everytime I work out. Not that I am the baddest man in the gym but SD is the ****. Oh yeh... Did back and bis today, I am seeing some really vein peaks that I attribute to the SD on my bicepts.
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  23. tattoopierced1
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    I had break outs more than normal while on cycle...they seem to have died down a bit, but I still do breakout...this usually happens to me through PCT, but goes away a short time after...I have to agree though, SD made me break out like a teenager...
  24. Day 2 PCT:

    I am on day two PCT, 60 mgs nolva, 100 mgs DHEA, 200mgs of LX to be run until start of next cycle in just under two weeks. I am curious to see what I weigh when I go to the gym today. I feel like I am still gaining. However I am not soooo ramped up now. For the last three weeks I have been on a rollercoaster of love, for SD!

    My training for the next 12 days will be as follows: 1 major muscle group/ 1 small per day no matter how good I felt. I had some long, hard, insanely great workouts the last few weeks. I want to give my connective tissues some rest, get them prepped for next dose of hormones. I will not go over 85% of my new max for any lift. I will not. I will not take any lift to failure. I am going for leighter weight with higher reps. I am looking to maintain, not grow for the next 12 days.

    I am going to keep my cals and protein high as if I was on cycle. This will remain true throughout my bulker until the 3/2/3/2/3 process if over. I will eat cleaner will off though, I have had a garbage gut the last three weeks. Although my BF was 6.6 BF a weeke ago!! My BW has been 214.5 for over a week, meaning just over 10 pounds gained and some ? BF lost. When doing cardio (which I did OFTEN Lean One) it seemed to have almost an anabolic aerobic nature, meaning I looked leaner and swollen at the same time. Not unlike what I see cAMPIBOLIC potientally doing.

    I think 9lbs may be maintainable, and if I can keep 4lbs and 4lbs from the remaining cycles, I will be very, very happy. At 17lbs plus that will put me at just over 220 lbs in April. A very lean 220... It is on.
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  25. Quote Originally Posted by motiv8er
    When doing cardio (which I did OFTEN Lean One) it seemed to have almost an anabolic aerobic nature, meaning I looked leaner and swollen at the same time. Not unlike what I see cAMPIBOLIC potientally doing.
    I don't know if you read my Superdrol test, but I did ass loads of cardio. Up to 2 hrs a day most days of the week and I noticed the same thing.


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