Critique next SD cycle

  1. Critique next SD cycle

    Got great results from my last 4 week SD cycle:
    30mg SD ed
    600mg 1ad ed
    600 4ad ed
    all orals

    Want to do a longer cycle and bulk some more

    5' 10" 235 15% BF 36 Y/O

    Many years of PH experience, much of it uneducated,that has been fixed by lots of reading here.

    Here is what I was planning

    1-2 M1T 20 mgs ed
    1-6 4ad 900 mgs ed
    1-6 1ad 600 mgs ed
    3-6 M1,4add 150 mgs ed
    3-8 SD 20mgs ed
    7-8 M4OHN 32 mgs ed

    Lots of Nolva to run during if I need it then to PCT

    Seems like a lot, I know but it is an all out bulker, looking to hit 250 without a huge increase in BF.
    Diet will be 400gms of protein, 400 carbs and 80 fat for 40/40/20 roughly.

  2. tattoopierced1
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    I'd cut out the M1T...running all of those methyls back to back for that long IMO wouldnt be the best for your liver. As for the SD, I'd probably do 20mg ED until week 3 and then up it to 30mg ED for the remainder of the cycle if you stopped seeing the increases from SD after the 2nd week. I noticed about the 3rd week my gains pretty much came to a halt off of 30mg SD so my next cycle I am going to try 20mg and then up it to 30mg around the 3rd week to see if it will help "kick start" the cycle backup again. You should just be able to do the M1,4ADD and SD and get from 235 to 250lbs. I did a cycle of the two and gained 18lbs off of 30mg SD daily and 140mg M1,4ADD.

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