GHRP-6 Antagonist Cycle

  1. GHRP-6 Antagonist Cycle

    I am starting tomorrow 2-1-05. Right now I have 10 days worth. If I like it (no sides or any weird stuff) I will go beyond the 10 days.
    Dose: 100mcgs ED
    Injection: SubQ
    Time: Morning

    No other supplements so I can guage this on it's own.

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  7. Where did the other thread of ghrp-6 antagonist go??? also is anyone tryin
    out the agonist??? thanks

  8. update lozgod?

  9. Sorry. I been laxing on this. This is the best appetite suppresent ever. I have lost 3 pounds on it in 7 days. I went from 4000 calories to 2400 and don't miss the other 1600 at all. I am going to run it for 30 days and use T3 with it when my order comes in. I want to run it for 30 days so I can be more objective on my judgement on it. If I lose 12 pounds in 4 weeks I will be impressed. With T3 I am hoping to lose more.

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  12. Tight. I don't care as much about the appetite supression for obvious reasons, but my poor joints could use some extra GH floating around and at the price this stuff can be had for I have been considering getting on and staying on.


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