I love havoc

  1. I love havoc

    I was planning on only doing a post mortem of my havoc run but I'm having too much fun at the moment, so I thought it would log it to some degree.

    Dosage went like so (roughly)
    30/30/40/50/60/60+ until end of bottle. By my calculations, the cycle will end at roughly 8 weeks.

    My initial plan was to run 6-8 weeks, seeing how sides go, willing to cut it short. My biggest concern was hair loss, and my most expected concern was lethargy. I look like I should be mpb prone, and since havoc is deadly for the hair line, I was keeping that in mind.

    I'm 5 weeks in, started 60 a few days ago, and up until now, I've yet to encounter a single side effect. No lethargy at all, no hair probs, libido is as always, nuts haven't shrunk noticeably.

    In terms of weight, I've gained 15 pounds. for what its worth, the increased food intake probably accounts for at least a third of that. Not sure how much lean muscle tissue I've gained, but Im substantially larger and maintained a vascularity that of 20 pounds ago.

    Lifts are up all around. Breaking PRs almost every session, at an almost alarming rate. Last time I made this kind of progress was on a mecha cycle and ended up with me injuring myself.

    I'll update as things progress. I have high hopes for a solid final 3 weeks.

  2. Christmas update.

    I had my seemingly first real side effect a couple days back. I was just chillin when all of a sudden I got a crazy headache out of the blue. Figured it must be high bp, popped a CSE and some aspirins and it tapered off.

    Came on hard, thought my head was gonna blow up, so I decided to bump dosage back to 50. Still gonna end at 8 weeks though.

    I should mention that my BP handling supps up to this point was only 3g of hawthorn daily, with the occasional celery seed extract thrown in whenever I felt necessary. After this little episode, I'm gonna be taking the CSE twice daily. Don't wanna go through that again.

    I think the lethargy may be starting to creep up, but its far from debilitating. I have some oral dhea, so Im gonna give it a shot.

    Took a few days off for a small Christmas deload too. Expect to be back real soon, right when all of the resolutioners jam pack the gym.

  3. My liver enzymes are out of range by the second week on epistane. If you get labs at week 8, I'd really like to see your LFT's.

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