My First Cycle Log

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Chemist63
    This would even be more amazing in that attachement
    That's insane, huh? LOL. I've seen that one before.

    Oh, 17.5" flexed, huh? That makes more sense. LOL. I was gonna say, with 16" arms, I don't think I've seen anyone bench near that much....but, you're still damn strong! keep it up, bro!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Chemist63
    .... Just to bad her friend did not join the action.
    Ahh, for sure! That would have been great Maybe next seminar, eh

  3. That 1000+ pound bench press is totally insane. I never would have thought that was possible. I just can not wait until I am finally done with my current wife. This was my third marriage and my last I found out I am going to Germany at the start of next month for about 6 days. I meet a cute German women at a confernce I was at recently and she wants me to pay a visit. I will be off the dbol but still taking the test for awhile longer. I can not see me taking it with me so I will have to give myself some extra juice before I leave.

    I also have started taking the HCG early at 250iu 2x a week. Why let those babies shrink up at all if I can help it?
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  4. Weight: 226

    Did my next injection on Saturday in my glute and went to the gym Saturday to work on my legs and abs. The squat rack was impossible to get on with some other idiots taking there time using it. This is one thing that makes me want to setup some stuff in my house. Some people use the gym as social hour. Ended up using the Cybex Machine.

    Cybex Leg Press: 225x15 275x10 315x8 360x8 380x6
    Leg Extentions
    Leg Curls

    Did not have much time to workout since I had to watch my kid this weekend also. Going to start doing some more cardio today and my bloat problem seems to be under control

    I am thinking about increasing the dbol from 30mg to 40mg for the last two weeks since it does not seem to be causing much of a problem for me. What do you think?

  5. i say bump up the dbol to 40 if you aren't really having any sides from it
    and good move on starting the HCG, why force yourself to fix something later when you can keep it from breaking in the first place

  6. great log, I will be following along.

  7. Weight: 227

    I bumped up the dbol to 40mg ED. The d-bol is causing me some leg cramps when I do cardio on the treadmill or run outside. I thought it might just be the shoes so I got new ones and they did help some but not that much. I can get around it by doing other things except I did enjoy running at night during the week. I have just started taking taurine and increasing my water intake to see if this will make a difference. I did a small search on the web and I guess other have complained about leg cramps while on dbol also.

    Today was Chest and Triceps at the gym.

    Flat BB Bench: 15x125 10x225 1x365 5x335 6x315 6x315
    Incline Smith BB Bench: 8x225 6x275 5x275 5x275
    Incline DB Flies: 6x85's 6x85's 6x85's
    Flat DB Flies: 5x100's 5x100's 6x95's

    Skull Crushers(Ez-Curl Bar): 8x130 6x135 6x135
    Cable Pulldowns: 12x160 12x160 12x160

    Overall the workout went good. Energy level was not as high today for some reason. I have been taking a small amout of Ephedrine and Caffeine to help get me in gear on workout days. Wonder if this is common for most to add something for energy? I need to change my routine soon but I wanted to do the same one I did before the cycle to see the benefits before and after.

    One thing I do notice is that people are noticing me more now than before at the gym and asking me for advice and my friends have said I look bigger.

  8. Weight: 227

    Been a little bit since I posted. My left shoulder was starting to hurt some so I decided to take a little time off from lifting. I went yesterday and had a great leg workout and will go back again today to do back and biceps. My weight has not been moving as it did in the past but I do feel stronger.

  9. Weight 228

    My shoulder feels much better and I am back hard at it again. Did Chest and Triceps today and it went good. I went out Saturday night a little late playing cards so I am a little tired today. Just do not drink that much on cycle on the stuff really seems to hit me.

    Flat BB Bench: 15x125 10x225 6x335 6x325 5x325
    Decline BB Bench 8x275 6x275 6x275
    Decline DB Flies: 8x75's 6x85's 6x85's
    Flat DB Flies: 5x100's 5x100's 6x95's
    Weighted Dips

    Skull Crushers(Ez-Curl Bar): 8x130 6x135 6x135
    Cable Pulldowns: 12x160 12x160 12x160

    For some reason, I thought this was week 4 of the dbol and it is actually week 5. OOOPS! Time flies when you are having fun I am just going to finish out the dbol I have remaining which will make it about almost 5 weeks unless someone thinks this is a bad idea? I will post measurements again on my next post.

  10. Weight: 227

    Dropped a pound.. I did take a fairly big dump before I weighed myself today. I assume that is the one pound I lost. Had a good workout at the gym today and did another injection last night. I have injected my glutes a couple times and for some reason it had a little more bit to it. I got a nice bruise on my ass too. Not sure what I did different.

    Did my leg workout today and some Ab work:

    Squat: 135x15 225x10 315x6 315x4 ( First time I got about 300 on squat put I know my technique sucks )
    Cybex Leg Press: 315x12 360x10 450x6 450x6 ( Could feel a good burn here. Can I just do this and not squats? )
    Leg Extentions
    Leg Curls
    Standing Calf Machine

    I am off the dbol now too. I am hoping the leg cramps go away and I can start running again some soon. Going to try and up my food intake also.

  11. Weight: 227

    Have not posted for a little bit again. Cycle is still going but I am not seeing the strength gains lately. I am getting small increases in the amount I can lift but was hoping for more. I might just be asking for too much from my first cycle. Was thinking about increasing the test to 600 for the remainder of my cycle. I have had some good workouts and got around do doing some box squats. These are great and I can really feel it in my legs.

    I have been working at increasing the amount that I eat to see if that helps things. Added some olive oil to my diet and an extra protein shake. I did jump off the wagon last week and got totally **** faced. My diet was primarily beer and Jagermeister. We and the other 8 guys I want out with drank 32 pitchers of beer and about 20 shots in about four hours and then we went out.. Needless to say but my workout on Monday was not up to par.

    I did take some measurements but did not have time to post them. Will try when I get home.

    That’s it for now.

  12. Good decision on trying the box squats, they will really help alot, trust me, I am so glad that I did them. How many more weeks do you have left of the cycle?

  13. I am about 5 weeks into a 14 week cycle. Would it be a big deal to up the test level some? I am taking HCG every 3 days also at 250ui.
  14. Update

    How's the progress been coming, Chemist?

  15. Weight: 232 ( +22 Pounds Total )

    Life gets crazy at times... I really wanted to continue posting more but some things got in the way. Went to Germany for a little while and Montana along with other trips. It makes it tough to eat right and workout but I have not missed one injection to date. Also my shoulder was hurting a little to much so I took a week off and it is much better.

    My workouts have been going great also. I am about 2/3 into the cycle and I am really enjoying it. My bench is up to 375 now and maybe I will break the 400 barriar. Things have calmed down so I will try and get back to posting more info. I took a couple pictures tonight for the fun of it to compare. Tell me what you think. I can feel a big difference and my clothing is getting to small in the right spots. Will post measurements in a day or two.
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  16. Look pretty thick in the pics, BTW how did you sneak your gear to germany? Did you pick up any more stuff there? lol

  17. Thanks for the update. That bench progress is very impressive!

  18. I put it in the bottom of my bag wrapped with some other stuff. I never even thought about checking for more stuff in Germany. Would not even know where to start.

  19. Christ 100lb db flies, thats some good stuff right there. Nice log thus far Chemist.

  20. Weight: 232

    Arms: 17 3/4"
    Chest: 47.0"
    Legs: 25.5"
    Waist: 35.5"

    I tried the other day to see what my max flat bench was and it is up to 375 pounds, which I never imagined I would ever do. I hope to do 400 someday but we will see. The weather is getting warmer and I wearing short sleeve shirts and people are noticing the change. My clothes from last summer also do not really fit me any more being to snug in the arms and chest, which I am happy about.

    The picture is my two-week picture and my recent picture. The biggest change I see is in my arms and chest. I would like to get some more back width. Tell me what you think. Otherwise the cycle is going strong for me. I was hoping to post more but life got in my way.
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  21. Quote Originally Posted by Chemist63
    I put it in the bottom of my bag wrapped with some other stuff. I never even thought about checking for more stuff in Germany. Would not even know where to start.
    If you find some gear in Germany, let me know where

    Seriously tho, you won't find any gear in an EU country (at least sold legally). In non-EU countries tho, I hear the market is pretty good. I find it funny that in Amsterdam you can legally purchase weed and shrooms, but you can't buy gear.


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