My 6 week bulker

  1. My 6 week bulker

    I have been lurking here for a little while, learning the PH game. I have been away from the whole scene for awhile due to relationships and changing careers. I never really left the gym - but wasn't really hitting it as hard as I know I can. Diet has been shaky at best. But now I am set enough to where I want to push things up a notch again.

    At my best, I was at 245 @ 10%, never competed but I would like to someday - for now I will just keep going to see how far I can push myself. My goal by summer is to see those numbers again. My favorite cycle was an 20 day androgen frontload of sus/a-bombs, sliding into enan/tren.

    I have lost some size since "the good old days" a few years ago. I now sit at 6'3", 225 @ 15% ish.

    Due to my great timing of jumping back into this, my first - and it seems - last PH cycle will be a 6 week bulker.

    I plan on running:

    Superdrol @ 30mg/day
    4AD (powder, oral) @ 1,200mg/day
    M4OHN @ 16mg/day
    M5AA @ 30mg (preworkout)

    The usual ae's will be on hand (I'm just paranoid), and my PCT will be in place.

    I will be taking in around 5000 cals per day (Isocaloric), 2 gallons of water per day - but will adjust as needed.

    Comments? Opinions?

  2. Too many methyls. How about
    week 1-6
    SD @ 20mg
    1-test @ 200mg (transdermal)
    4-AD @ 1200mg (oral) or better 400mg (transdermal)

  3. Damn. I already ordered it all. Hmmm ... maybe I will poke around and look for some 1-test. Should be a fun time this late in the game. LOL.

    Thanks for the reply NPursuit.

  4. No problem. You can put all those methyls to use eventually, just not all in the same cycle.

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