Cutting Cycle

  1. Cutting Cycle

    Waist 38 1/4
    Hips 42 3/4
    Abdomen 38 3/4
    Chest 43 1/4
    Neck 16 1/2
    Right Arm 15 3/4
    Left Arm 15 3/4
    Right Forearm 12 1/2
    Left Forarm 12 1/2
    6 inches above knee/ Left Thigh 22 3/4
    6 inches above knee/ Right Thigh 22 3/4
    Left Calf 16 3/4
    Right Calf 16 3/4
    Body Fat 17.50%
    wieght 218 1/2
    Height 6'


    36mg M4OHN ED/ weeks 1-4
    12 mg M-dien ED/ Weeks 1-4
    4 mg Trimax ED/Weeks 1-3
    5ml Redline ED/Week 4

    Just began today I'll be back with cal intake, etc.

  2. looks like you took my advice. Goodluck

  3. did 20 minutes of cardio this morning around 6:10 after taking 3 green tea capsules and afterwords I drank a cup of coffee. Waited till about 9 to have my first meal. Today Im getting the following

    Protien - 428g/1712 cals/55%
    Fat - 94.5g/850.5 cals/27%
    Saturated Fat- 33.5g/301.5 cals
    Carbohydrates- 139g/556 cals/18%
    Sugar - 39g./156 cals (30g of the sugar is from grapefruit juice)
    Fiber - 34g./136 cals
    Total cals- 3118.5

    Other than that I'm also taking 2 animal paks a day so of course my piss is gatorade colors and since I just started eating alot of protien again I've had some real bad gas. Nothing else to report really. I'm planning on taking bodyfat measurements once a week and girth mesaurements one every two weeks. as for wieght I'll be doing that everyday

  4. last night i wieghed 214.8 and this morning i wieghed 212.8. I'll update after my workout tonight

  5. Day 3

    Don't have much to say.
    last night - 214.6
    this morning 213.4 basically i'm 5lbs down.

    I was feelin pretty tired all day yesterday and didn;t do cardio in the morning. last night when i worked out I felt a little bit weaker than usual but I was getting descent pumps. I didn;t feel fatigued much but it just seemed i couldn't put up as much wieght as i'm used to. It was a wierd workout.

  6. Trimax makes you pretty lethargic. I used some EC to keep myself alert on cycle.

  7. Day 4

    Night lbs. 214.8
    Morning 213.2

    I'm probably going to take a bodyfat reading a little bit earlier than i planned because I want to see if I am in fact losing any cause my wieght is not going anywhere. If I'm not makin much progress I'm going to reevaluate my diet plan. Other than that today I didn't feel as lethargic as yesterday.

  8. Day 5

    Night: 215.6
    Morning: 212.4

    Muscles definitaly feel harder and even though my wieghts not goin down much I'm confident I'm losing a descent amount of fat. I might just have to step up my cardio a little bit more. I'm workin out bi's and tris today so I'll update how i feel after ther work out. I just took some VPX cause I'm feelin very lethargic today from the Trimax so hopefully that'll add some intensity to the work out. The Trimax has only made me feel lethargic for pretty much two days it's kind of on and off so its not a big problem

  9. Day 6

    After feeling very frusterated tonight after wieghing in around 215 this morning and wieghing 217.6 tonight i decided to take new girth measurements and a new measurement of my body fat. heres the previous measurements on day 1 and heres the new measurement at the end of day 6

    Waist -3/4
    Hips -3/4
    Abdomen -7/8
    Chest +7/8
    Neck +0
    Right Arm +1/4
    Left Arm +1/4
    Right Forearm +1/4
    Left Forarm +1/4
    Left Thigh +1/4
    Right Thigh +1/4
    Left Calf +1/8
    Right Calf +1/8
    Body Fat -2%
    wieght -.9lbs

    Not the results I expected but I can't complain. this just boosted my confidence so now I'm not as frusterated and a little bit more motivated than beforee

  10. You've gained LBM while reducing BF, and you expected more?

    My calcs show an increase in LBM by ~3lbs and decrease in BF by ~4lbs. That's impressive for less then a week.

  11. I expected alot less actually. i never dreamed of gaining LBM. I never cut with ph's so I'm used to taking a month to even drop remotely that much bodyfat etc. So I'm very impressed I expected to lose muscle and fat and seeing I gained muscle was awesome. Hence why it wasn;t what i expected

  12. My comps being worked on so hopefully i can get back on sometime soon an update on my progress

  13. So heres some of the measurements so far

    It's Day 12

    Day 1 - 285.5 lbs
    17.5?% bf

    Week 1 - 217.6 lbs
    15.5% bf

    Day 12 - 214.8lbs

    All I have to say is wow. I checked my bodyfat atleast three times cause I thought it had to have been off but it seems I have lost another 3.5% bodyfat and I still have 9 more days of the trimax and about 16 more of the m-dien and m4OHN

  14. so i decided to up my cardio from 2-3 times a week to about 4 times a week and instead of working a split with

    tuesday - chest back
    thursday - shoulders calves
    saturday - bis and tris
    sunday legs and calves

    and abs on monday wednesdays and fridays
    I am now working out twice a week going back to the basics

    I work

    4x dbell bench
    4x deadlift
    4x dbell military press
    4x pulldowns

    and then i rest two days then i work

    4x squats
    4x barbell rows
    4x dips/wieghted

  15. Quote Originally Posted by TheCSWFighter
    So heres some of the measurements so far

    It's Day 12

    Day 1 - 285.5 lbs
    17.5?% bf

    Week 1 - 217.6 lbs
    15.5% bf

    Day 12 - 214.8lbs

    All I have to say is wow. I checked my bodyfat atleast three times cause I thought it had to have been off but it seems I have lost another 3.5% bodyfat and I still have 9 more days of the trimax and about 16 more of the m-dien and m4OHN
    damn, go ahead stud, losing almost 60 lbs in the first week.

  16. Day 14

    BF - 11.4%
    Wieght - 213.8
    I'll have the measurements up by tomorrow

    this is my last week on Trimax and i have two more weeks of m4OHN and the M-Dien

    After that I'll be taking Clomid and Nolva PCT
    Also 4 weeks of taking L-Tyrosine, Lean Xtreme, Guggulbolic Extreme, and some ZMA for the hell of it
    Then after 4 weeks of that I'll be doing another cycle with Trimax for three weeks and
    1-test, 4ad, and 4OHT. it's a trans and it has bout 5g. 1-test, 5g 4ad and 2.5 of 4OHT

    I'll have all the dosages layed out at the end of week 3. I just figured I'd mention this

  17. Day 18

    wieght - 211.8
    bf - 9.1 %

    sorry bout not updating the measurement i have just been real busy with work cause I'm workin some real bad hours

  18. looks like you're dropping bf and weight nicely. keep it up. how's strength going with the trimax?

  19. My strength is actually good. after my workout I'll update more in depth on that but the lethargy has gotten down right ridiculous. these past three days have been me basically sleepwalking. It's really hard to get through the day but I do. Good thing I only got 2 more days on Trimax.

  20. 210 at 8.2% I'm off the Trimax now. I'll update more later i just been real busy.

  21. Thanks for posting your results. I'm going to be doing the exact same cycle in about two weeks.

    I was wondering;

    1. Did you feel that MDien and M4OHN preserved enough muscle, since you are using Trimax? As you probably know, there are many threads on this site the say MDien is not anabolic enough to use with Trimax (T3), I can see that you gained weight but I'm curious to see your measurements after the cycle of Trimax?

    2. Also you mentioned being Lethargic. Did it get any worse? Any other side effects?

    Thanks again and keeps us posted with your progress.

  22. 1.) I think the mdien and m4ohn did find preserving muscle but the only reason is cause i tracked what was goin on real close. I did high protien low carb diet so that my muscles would have a nice supply of protien to use from. I toned down the frequency of my workouts a little. And since i started doing cardio 4 times a week i noticed my strength went down a little so i toned that down to 2 times per week.

    2. The lethargy was definatly out of hand on the Trimax. The last two days i was on it i felt like a was sleepwalking all day. it was past the half asleep feeling. It got real bad but i waited it out.

    As for the end of my cycle that ends tomorrow in which i will have new body measurements, wieght, and bodyfat measurements.

  23. Trimax gives some nasty lethargy. I used a lot of e/c during the last weeks to keep me awake. I'd do it again (and plan on doing it shortly) because it works great. I'm debating on just using T3 for the first time instead, as they would have simmilar effects.


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