I'll be bulking again in Feb and this is the plan:

Background: 5th cycle.
Time since last cycle: 13 weeks
Weight: 185
BF: Aprox 9%
Age: 29

Week 1-12 500mg/week Test E
Week 1-12 400mg/week Deca
Week 1-4 30mg/day Dbol
Week 14-15 40mg/day Nolva
Week 16 30mg/day Nolva
Week 17 20mg/day Nolva

*I might front load the Test E at 700mg/week for the 1st week. I may also use some HCG that I have at the end of the cycle. I've ran it throughout the cycle before and saw no benifit to it. I considered getting some proviron as well. On my last cut I had majr gyno issues.

I'm interested in hearing what you all think about this. Thanks.