Tbol/Proviron cycle log starting soon**Log/imput welcome

  1. Tbol/Proviron cycle log starting soon**Log/imput welcome

    What up guys staring this cycle here in a few days so heres the plan tbol 30-40mg a day and Proviron 50-75mg per day for about 5-6 weeks. My cycle history consists of H-drol,protomax,furazadrol,epist ane and 1-andro from finaflex. my starts are 5'5 169 about 17% bf. The main focus goal on this cycle is goning to be cutting hoping to maintain muscle size if not add some lean size definietly looking for some strength gains and hoping to drop 1-3% BF. Cycle supports will be the usural mulitvitamin,taurine,fish oil,glucosmin condrotin msm combo,liv. 52, and some cycle assist. My pct will be nolva 20/20/10/10 erase starting week 3 3/2/1/1 and a natty which havent decided yet most likley daa and recycle maybe some dpol. My diet is where i have always struggeled with two kids working full time and a online supp store on the side on top of it all time is definetly not on my side as far as meal preperation goes. Gonna try to keep it clean about 2200-2600 a day. Where is the test you might ask?? Good question lol i have plenty on hand but my other half has made it quite clear if i pin again that she and my two boys are gone so i am putting the family before the roids lol. I have though about trying to pin and hide it but that is hard thing to keep descrete pinning twice a week so decided to go this route for now. I will be logging for anyone interested in this same cycle. Open to opinions criteque and comments thanks all.

  2. Waiting on my Proviron and getting this show on the road

  3. Got the Proviron in and just ordered another 80 tabs of tbol. Was gonna wait to start the cycle till monday but getting ancy so might start tomorrow. My work out routine as of now if monday: back and Bi's, wensday: chest Tri's, Friday: Shoulders and legs. I do about 10-15 minutes cardio before lifting and on off days i go for a run about a mile to mile and a half. I have been eating like absulte crap last few days so not gonna lie so maybe really will focus on diet next few days and start monday. Any one hjave any imput suggestions before i start this cycle?

  4. If I were you I'd run the t-bol for 2 weeks, then start the proviron and run it from there to the end.
    30mg T-bol Weeks 1-6
    50mg Proviron Weeks 3-6

    Should be an interesting cycle.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by pack22s
    If I were you I'd run the t-bol for 2 weeks, then start the proviron and run it from there to the end.
    30mg T-bol Weeks 1-6
    50mg Proviron Weeks 3-6

    Should be an interesting cycle.
    Sounds good. Just out of curiosity why would u run that way? I have enough tbol to run 8 weeks so might do that. I still have a little lump on the right side of my right nip kinda hurts a little hope not gyno might hold off on the cycle few weeks. :/

  6. Started cycle yesterday at 30mg tbol 50mg proviron not much to report yet had a good chest and ticep workout yesterday. Starting weight is 167 will update as often as possible.

  7. Subed . Looking forward to seeing your results mate .

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Sean0391
    Subed . Looking forward to seeing your results mate .
    Glad to have u bro feeling good so far kinda been having some gastro issues don't know if related to the cycle at all. Had a good bicep and back work out today not noticing anything yet bet am pushing myself a lot harder probably all mental at this point. Thinking about adding 50mg winny in the mix but not sure if that would be to much on the ol liver. Thoughts?

  9. Tbh mate I've never run a cycle so I'm not the person to be giving you advice . Was looking to run a tbol cycle my self once I drop my body fat 5-10 %. Would run test but am scared of injecting myself lol .

  10. Any news on the cycle mate ?

  11. Had to end cycle man I've been dealing with this issue every tine I start something lately I get a pain in my nip to the right of it. It started hurting real bad and found a pea sized lump there that is real sensitive to touch. I was taking .50 adex everyday and stiff didn't help so ended cycle doing about 9 days of clomid and then might go see Dr try to find out why I'm having this issue all the sudden.


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