HCG.....Got Lazy Need Advice

  1. HCG.....Got Lazy Need Advice

    Hello all,

    I was a member in from 2009-2010 I spend hours ED for a yeardoing research. In 2010 I did my firstcycle. I am up to my 7th currently. I always have blood work done before andafter. I am no pro but not a noob.

    I usually run HCG 250IUs twice a week from week 3 or four upto 3 days before start of my PCT. But this time I gotlazy and my balls are skittles!

    I did test prop, tren ace and var for 8 weeks. I over lapped two weeks of test e andeq. I am in week 14 of my cyclecurrently at 700Test E and 500 EQ. Ialways run adex at .25 to .5 eod depending on how I feel. This was my first time with HGH and I am going5ius 5days on 2 off.

    Anyways I always got great advice from this site so letshear some opinions. I plan to say onabout another 6 weeks. Should I justwait and blast 1000Ius eod from say the 5 day to the 15 day after my last shotbefore pct (I have nolva and clomid) or would I benefit from starting asap?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  2. Nothing.

  3. Ok so no advice? Guess I will wait.

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