First cycle results

  1. First cycle results

    Just finished my first cycle of any kind. It looked liek this

    Wk 1-2: trans 1-test- 250mg ED, trans 4-ad- 500mg ED
    Wk 1-8: 1-test cyp- 200mg EOD, 4-ad cyp- 360mg EOD
    Wk 8-10: M-Dien- 10mg ED

    diet: I consumed 4500+ calories throughout the cycle, usually around 5k on training days and as high as 5,500 on training days for the last 3 weeks.

    training: i followed a DFHT high frequency split, splitting my upper and lower body into am and pm sessions, for 8 total sessions spread out over 4 days each week. I loaded for 3 weeks and followed up with a deloading period every 4th week with less volume and a 10% load reduction.

    Started at 6'0", 203 lbs
    Finished at 228 lbs

    strength gains: (those with weeks listed were discontinued 2/3 through cycle)
    bench press: start: 275x5, end: 335x5
    deadlift: start: 505x1, end: 585x1
    low incline bench-- start: 280x1, Week 7: 290x3
    barbell rows-- start: 225x8, end: 295x5
    seated military-- start: 155x5, end: 195x5
    full squats-- start: 350x1, end: 405x1
    stiff leg deadlifts-- start: 335x8, end: 375x8
    decline db press-- start: 105s x8, week 7: 130s x9

    only noticeable sides was some occasional lethargy which would occur between my workout sessions, after my big post workout meals. A nap would fix this. Some light acne breakouts on upper body with no noticeable facial breakouts. Found the occasional hair here and there but I have long hair and so it may be more prone to coming out. I never found more than 2 or 3 on my pillow the next morning so the shedding was definitely under control if it occurred at all.

    I am obviously very pleased with this first cycle and my strength and size increases. I will begin PCT tomorrow with nolva and 7-oh and will cut back the volume in my training by 30-40%. I noticed little bloating from the 4-ad so if I can stay up over 220 through PCT I'll be satisfied.

    I still have some of the 'pain-free orals' left and plan to run the 1-test cyp w/ clen/eca, and mohn for a cutter in a few months. After that it'll be time to gradute to the big boy supplements.

  2. Great Job! cheers

  3. Sounds like a productive cycle. Just make sure you keep cals high and run a solid PCT. Good luck, J

  4. LOL, I was just about to ask if you were JB over at before I saw your sig.

    Gains are truely awesome!! Good luck on your PCT

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