How should I cycle Finaflex 1-andro?

  1. How should I cycle Finaflex 1-andro?

    I was thinking 2-3 caps a day, since I want to see how bad the side effects are (how it will effect my libido) before I jump right into PH. Would I see gain with this amount?

    Not sure what to do for PCT though. What's best, I heard a lot about Nolva as well but I wouldn't be sure how to cycle that either.

    I am 5'10' and 215 lb.

  2. Also, is recovery certain with PCT? Is there anyway I could mess up the cycle or PCT and lose my libido?

  3. Hey Neero welcome to AM. I'd go to the Supplements>Supplement Companies>Finaflex Redefine Nutrition forum and ask questions in there. Snags,Kleen, Dreamweaver, Edge,Eclipse are great reps. Also in there are logs of users (like mine for example) that I'm sure will answer your questions. I assume you are over 21.
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  4. Thank you Kenpoengineer, just took your advice and posted there. Hope to see a response soon. Thanks again for the friendly, timely response and yes of course I'm over 21 (23 lol).

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