??? Good kick start

  1. ??? Good kick start

    Im about to start cycle of cyponite in the next 4 weeks planning on pinning 2 times a week at 250mg a pin for 10 weeks. I keep hearing about others using a kick start before thier cycle what do u recommend some stats im 6'2" 235 lbs bf of 15% and im 34 this would actually be my second cycle in 2 years i used sustonon for like 6 weeks then my source ran out so didnt get to Complete the whole cycle.

  2. o buddy....I would suggest spending as much time as it takes you to at least figure out what it is you are actually taking. Nobody here has heard of cyponite or sustonon

  3. Excuse the spelling its cypionate and sustanon my bad bro good looking out though.

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