hey guys new on here...first cycle

  1. hey guys new on here...first cycle

    yea well guys im getting ready to run a firct cycle of halo 25 by lgi.....i just want to run everything by to see what you guys think and if everything is correct....i have done hours and days of research but since this is my first cycle ever i just want to be 100% sure im doing everything right...

    well im using halo 25 by lgi,,,also using cel cycle assist and cel pct with nolvadex....

    first two weeks

    9:00am 1 halo 25 cap
    1:00pm 4 caps cycle assist
    6:00pm 1 halo 25 cap
    11:00pm 4 caps cycle assist

    for the rest of the cycle i will take one extra cap of halo 25 so week 3-6 will be 75mg of halo 25...now i know most people prefer to go 100mg for week 5 and 6 but since its my first cycle i think i will just stick to 75...now i was wondering what you guys think of taking aromatase inhibitor on cycle just for extra safety?????

    i will be pre loading on my cycle assist since i have a extra bottle laying around.

    im 5'11 235lb not sure of bf if you guys want any more info please just ask...like i said i searched but i just want to make sure im doing everything as perfect as i can.

  2. ok bear with me because this is gonna sound a little harsh.

    -hours upon days isnt even close to enough research. all youve done is found out how to dose, which anyone could find in minutes of research
    -your pct doesnt exist
    -im completely guessing here so i could be way off. but judging by your weight, im thinking youre a bit on the puffy side, which leads me to think youre looking for a shortcut. if however, you are a humongous mass monster at 5'11, then prove me wrong

    also throw out some numbers for us. age, lifting numbers, lifting experience, shyt like that

  3. well id didnt dose them 12 hours apart since i already have very bad sleeping habits so i didnt want this to iterfere......my pct would be basically timed around the same,which im only planning on using cel pct and nolvadex......i dont mind harshness alsong as it will help me.........if i had to throw out a number my bf would be right around 20 maybe a little more but i have weird compressed fat......im in no way fat but def not skinny either im happy with myself now but havent really been making any gains in a while deadlift 365x6squat 315x3bb bench 275x2 seated mp 185x4age 22 and been lifting constantly since i started playing football 9th grade...i started lifting hard about 3 years ago...if i had to guess my best improvements would be deadlift...im not sure if i covered everything so please just ask

  4. ok whats your goal with the cycle?

    and read this if you havnt already

  5. well i would like to add some weight to all my lifts..i dont care much about how much i weigh...its not that hard for me to drop weight either ..im not too anal about putting on some fat...my coach used to tell me the easiest way to put up more weight is by gaining weight yourself..not sure how true it is but i always went by it....,i eat a lot of high protein low carb food but will up my carb intake also and try to get in around 4500 cals....im having a hard time taking in as much protein as i can but i been taking 2 shakes and one bar a day on top of eating.......i would be starting my cycle on monday in 7 days......

    i really appreciate all the input onionknight please tell me what you think and if i should change some things up...

  6. also thx for the link..def one of the most informational studies......i actually read it a while ago but thx again

  7. Anyone else?


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