Headaches on Dzine/DMZ = High BP

  1. Headaches on Dzine/DMZ = High BP

    On day 5 of my first dymethazine (LGI DMZ-15) cycle and figured I would share some observations regarding sides.

    I am currently dosing 30mg and planning for 30/30/30/30/30.
    Preloaded support supps for 10 days and have Torem plus other OTC for PCT.
    Previous cycle experience of H-Drol and EPI, been training smart for almost 4 years now.

    Some posts have claimed headaches on DMZ cycles, I had them every day for the first three days too.
    People have had some confusion regarding if it is high BP or not enough carbs or not enough water.

    My experience that my headaches have been directly related to my Blood Pressure.
    I have a blood pressure machine which is pretty reliable and have been tracking it these 5 days. After the second dose my BP had hit 145/90 and the second day of this the slight headaches started. In the morning when my BP was lower (135/80) there was no headache but when BP went up there was nothing I could do about getting a slight headache, no matter how much water or carbs I ingested. After 4 days no more headaches as my BP stabilised around 130/78. I feel great now.

    So my experience is that my headaches on DMZ were caused by high BP and they eased after the first few days.

    Looking forward to great cycle. Hitting my macros every day so far and hoping to make some great gains on this bulk.

    Have taken before photos, will post them with the after cycle shots if anyone is interested.


  2. Yep bro I hear ya seems like every cycle I start have about 3-4 days of constant headaches. My blood pressure was always in normal range even when headaches were at there worse. I think some people's bodies just take a few days to adjust to new hormones being introduced to the body. Well anyway just my 2 cents lol cheers.

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