8 weeks, wanna go 10

  1. 8 weeks, wanna go 10

    I am almost at the 8th week of my cycle....but because of the gains right now would it hurt to push it to 10 weeks? Or should I just stop at 8 and start my PCT...I am using no methyls

  2. ehhhh... are you using Cheerios or Test?

    Little more info would be helpful.

  3. 1-testosterone, 4AD and hydroxytest

  4. It's really going to be up to you. General rule of thumb is TO-TO. For this reason many people will choose a shorter cycle length so that they can get back on cycle sooner. Some will opt for the longer cycles and know they will wait longer to start again.

    So really it's a matter of what you're looking to do.

    If what you're asking is "is it safe" then my opinion would be yes ASSUMING you are not overdoing the doses. Years ago when I did PH's I would do about 12 week cycles.

  5. My doses arent to bad

    100mg 1test 200mg 4ad 6:00AM
    100mg 1test 200mg4ad 7-9:00pm

    1 serving Nlarge in the morning and one after workout...or on off days 3 shakes...So an extra 1200-1800 calories in liquids...plus about 3-4 meals, varing from chicken, red meats and pastas...

    Only problem i have is joint pain in the elbows, but i started glucosamine/chontradin few weeks ago and its helping...

    Its just in the 7th week now Im reaching a level of hardness thats really good and would be a shame to stop, since it began only about a week ago...

  6. How's your water intake?

    Personally, I see no reason you can go another 2 weeks as long as there are no major sides you are experiencing.

  7. Not much, except some increased urination and uncomfort....I probably need more water intake cause I do get cramping more often than usual now, or that could be the creatine...

  8. Discomfort in what form, when urinating? That could be a prostate warning sign right there. Increasing your water intake will help in that regard, as will items such as beta sitosterol and saw palmetto. I take both religiously on cycle, and they help to keep a previously inflamed prostate under control.

  9. Yea, i can always feel it in my prostate as far as the sides mostly, and it immediatly goes away when i stop my cycle...im gonna try the prostate health to help with the swolleness

  10. If you find that the recommended dosage doesn't do anything as far as helping with prostate related side effects, just try a higher dose. I've doubled the recommended dose of prostate related supplements before, and that has allowed me to utilize items such as 3-alpha and caffeine (which I can't go near without the added supps) without much in the way of difficulties.

  11. I dont see why not, especially if your not experiancing any bad sides. GoodLuck!


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