1st cycle of Tren-v from Warrior labs

  1. 1st cycle of Tren-v from Warrior labs

    Just started today. Its not mthyl but iv seen my friends get good gains. The bottle says there is estra 4, 9, 11-triene-3, 17 dione 30mg. I'm starting at one pill a day for the first week and start 2 next week. Ill keep updates weekly. If anyone has any advice or tried it before pls hit me up with some info...thanks

  2. Im also thinking of buying this stuff, how do u like so far?any gains? What else are you taking with it?

  3. I'm enjoying it. Iv been doing 1 pill for the first week, I'm going to up it to 2 pills this week and just ride out two pills. I haven't really got too much gains yet. I definatly feel stronger in the gym, I defnatly feel a little bit bigger and my back is starting to fill out nicely. Probably by the end of this week ill start seeing more results. I'm just running the super Tren-V by its self. I want to see what it does alone before I stack it with anything. Maybe next cycle run ultradrol with the super trenv

  4. Nice! after your done with tren-v what pct are going to be using? are taking any milk thistle right now?

  5. I'm running liver protect, 3000mg of fishoil, multivitamin, and prostacare with the trenv. My pct I'm gonna run PCT Rx I scored from muscle inc. And continue with the liver protect Fish oil prostacare and multi

  6. warrior labz tren v

    hey bro, so how did you like tren v? Going to start my cycle tomorrow. Did you have any side effects. How was you gains?

  7. Good finishing up and about to run pct. I put on decent size. Gained bout 8lbs but my strength gains are great. Felt good on cycle no sides, great product. I'm gonna run it again a month or ao after my pct is done

  8. I was thinking of trying this heard its real Trenbolone in a pill format but I think you should have used a SERM with it for sure. Did you keep your gains? Also did you notice any hair shedding, I' am mostly concerned with that on Trenbolone.


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