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  1. Educate Me

    I'm going to start my first cycle with winstrol pretty soon but I have a question concerning bulk vrs ripped muscle. My goal is to be "skinny ripped" not so much bulk. Can I isolate the muscle and work it out about 10-12 reps 3 to 4 sets or should I just go balls to the wall ( lift heavy)? I'm 36 male 170lbs 17% bf my goal is to drop 8% bf and be as ripped as possible.

  2. You should be posting in the training and exercise science section to educate yourself on how to train effectively before you attempt to cycle. I only say this because you used the term "ripped muscle" and by your last thread. No offense.
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  3. Ripped muscle, eh? Hmmmm.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  4. Thanks Sean I should have known that.

  5. Swanson52
    That's funny lol



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