Age – 26
Height – 6’3’’
Weight – 210
Bodyfat – Unknown. I’d guess 14%?

Cycle history – 4 week Epi at 30mg a day which ended April 2 and PCT ended May 2nd. I know I should have done 6 weeks instead, but I wanted to see how my body reacted to the PH. I saw great gains in the last week, week and a half and wished I would have stayed on.
Goals – Lean bulk as much as possible. I’ve read about DMZ 2.0 and have been thinking about bridging it into Epi and going for 6 weeks, if possible. I have read some negatives about stacking those two, but bridging seems to be the way to go. If not, I’m all ears. I’m more than open to just either doing DMZ 2.0 or another Epi cycle.

Training – 10 years. Last 4 seriously with dialing in diet. I have used Carb Back loading and carb cycling, both with good results. As of right now, I am carb cycling.
Lifting schedule is 2 on/2 off with one day for arms since they are lagging. I use super sets and drop sets.
Monday – Legs
Tuesday – Chest and bi
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – Back
Friday – Shoulders and tri
Sunday – Bis and tris

Cycle –
Super DMZ 2.0 – 2/2/2/2
Epi(if used) – 0/0/30/30/30/30/30/30
Cycle support – 2 servings every day
Pre-load Hawthorne berry for 10-14 days – then 2 caps a day
Fish Oil

Erase or Formeron?
Clomid – 50/50/50/50 – Start day after last dose of either Epi or SDMZ
DAA – 3/3/3/3/3 – Start loading on last week of cycle
Creatine – Start loading on last week of cycle
I’m open for suggestions. I may change up my lifting schedule, I go for feel most of the time by going in with a skeleton outline of what I’m lifting that day. So I may go for more volume. Also, since I do want a lean gain, should I add HIIT cardio or just some 30-45 minutes of walking on an incline? The only pump I experienced while on my Epi cycle was lower back. Also, to combat lethargy, I was looking at adding Stano at 600 for the cycle. And I left Erase or Formeron, since I don’t know which I should take over the other.

I’m also looking to start the cycle about the second week of June, so there is no real rush. I’m also going to get blood work done in the next week or so. If there is anything missing, do let me know or if something isn’t right. I hope this made sense. As I’ve said, I’m very open to suggestions. I appreciate any and all. Thank you.