Methyl-V (SD, P-Plex, TrenX) - Current Progress and Questions

  1. Methyl-V (SD, P-Plex, TrenX) - Current Progress and Questions

    Methyl-V Is 10mg superdrol, 12.5mg phera plex and 30mg tren X.
    With 25mg Bergamottin (DHB) and 300mg liver support.

    About me:
    10% bf
    6' 3"
    Age 21
    Blood pressure on cycle 125/80

    Additional Hawthor
    Multi v
    Creatine mono
    Joint support (just started)
    Fish oil
    Size-on Intraworkout
    Super Pump preworkout

    So far its been great, I'm on day 15 and up 16-18lbs. After week 1 felt like my natty test has dwindle and my appetite weaker, but Im still eating strong. I generally feel good.

    I'm noticing some muscle pain and creaky joints, especially in my previously injured shoulders. Is this anything to worry about?

    How much creatine should I take a day? I've heard answers all over the place, I was thinking 10g a day.

    Any other supps you guy suggest? I feel like I have it covered but i thought Id ask.

    I'm putting my focus on strength training. How often should I hit my large muscle groups? I'm hitting them twice a week and defiantly feeling recovered everytime.

    That's about it, this is exciting for me and I'm happy to join community. Thanks!

  2. Your appetite is dwindling because your liver is taking abuse...SD AND phera? I highly recommend some blood tests asap.
    Everything else I think you have a good hold of. Minus the creatine. Just keep it simple, 5g/day.
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  3. Not saying this is relevant now, but I took a blood and piss test before and everything was great. I'll take a piss test today and get around to the blood test.

    If i wait 3.5 hours between meals I'm starving, but I've been trying to eat every 2.

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