DAA during and for Pct

  1. DAA during and for Pct

    I'm running my first cycle of 1-andro and 4-AD (non-methyl)

    Upon more reading I know 4-ad is a week test booster and DHEA.
    So once I run out of 4-AD, should I add in DAA at 3G a day for the next threes weeks, and throughout my Pct?
    Or just wait until my PCT to add in DAA? And run 1-andro by itself?

  2. 4ad isnt a test booster. its commonly used as a test base, which is different.

    4ad has a 2step conversion to testosterone, which is why its used as a base. its still supressive though, so it doesnt "boost" natural test

    if its not too late, save the 4ad for nearing the end of the cycle. its better used that way to counter lethargy from 1ad

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