Summer 4 week epi/Havoc cutting cycle

  1. Summer 4 week epi/Havoc cutting cycle

    Starting Weight 4/11/13: 207 6foot4inch
    Starting BF% 4/11/13: 11%(5point)

    Havoc 20/30/30/40
    Cycle Assist
    Opti-Men Multi
    L-carnatine 2g/day
    Fish Oil
    Taurine 7g Pre 7g Post

    Clomid 50/25/25/25
    PCT Revolution Black 3/2/2/1
    Pure Test DAA 3/3/3/3
    Opti-Men Multi
    L-carnatine 2g/day
    Fish Oil

    2200-2400 Calories a day. With one 3000 calorie day once every 7-9 days. Macros 40/40/20.

    Chest/Tri and Hiit Cardio
    Back/Bi and Hiit Cardio
    Off 2-4 mile run
    Off 6-8 mile run

    This is my first log, so please forgive me if it's vague and I'm missing a bunch of stuff.

    Day 8

    Weight 209
    BF% 11

    No sides, no pumps. Still haven?t felt any difference in the gym.


    Day 15

    Weight 213

    I really started feeling the extra push in the gym on day 12. Pumps are insane, especially in my chest. Hit a new PR on my Deadlift, haven?t felt a lot stronger but definitely getting a few more reps than I was last week.

    Sides I?ve had are bad back pumps, especially during squats and on my long runs on Sundays. I was in a lot of pain after mile 4 of my run, but I toughed it out to do 5.6miles on 21st(Sunday)

  2. id go 6-7 weeks....
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  3. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    id go 6-7 weeks....
    I definitely will on my next one. This was my first cycle and when I first started I didn't have a SERM lined up, so I wanted to keep it mild. I ended up getting a SERM, but also have an elbow injury so I actually stopped 2 days shy of my 4 weeks.

  4. Well, I had to cut it short by two days, I had two more days left at 50mg each to go. I've had a nagging elbow injury and has been bothersome the last week and last night I hurt it pretty bad doing db shoulder presses 70#. Weight was still at 214, I'll measure my bf% tonight with my 5point caliper, but I'm assuming still at 10%.

    All in all I really enjoyed the epi/havoc run, next time I'm definitely running a 6 week cycle at 50mg, but this was my first PH cycle so I didn't want to push it.

    Day 1

    Day 27

    Will update my weight and bf % weekly on my PCT.

    I went for a 3 mile run in the hills last night. It was nice not to be in pain from my lower back, that's for sure.

  5. Lethargy, bad back pumps, oily skin. All in all not bad as far as sides. Lethargy was probably the worst.

  6. Day 5 of PCT


    Did legs yesterday, follow by some hiit cardio. Surprised my weight was up with all the cardio I've been doing. I'm sure it will level out here in the next few days.

    Lethargy is finally getting a little better, yesterday was the first day of PCT I didn't take a nap. Also, I've been moody as hell.

  7. Any libido problems? Im on epi and a test booster right now, so far so good.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by FranARG View Post
    Any libido problems? Im on epi and a test booster right now, so far so good.
    My libido isn't back to normal but it isn't too bad. No problem getting wood when I'm checking out the latest chive posts. Not high enough to want to take a few minutes and go tug one out though.

  9. Should I be waiting to take my FinaFlex PCT Revolution Black? It's equivalent to Erase, just has some other stuff in it too. I've read of some people doing 0/0/1/2/3/3 on it. Why do people wait to start taking it?

  10. How big of a deficit were you eating at on 2200-2400 cals bro? I ask because I'm losing weight on my cutting run, but you gained AND dropped fat - sweet!

    I'm at about -500 ever day.


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