feedback on this cycle idea

  1. feedback on this cycle idea

    Week 1:

    Week 2:

    Transdermal (1-test, 4ad)

    Week 4-6:
    Transdermal (1-test, 4ad)
    Guggulbolic Extreme
    Diesel Fuel

    Week 7-9:

    Diesel Fuel
    Guggulbolic Extreme

    Week 12:
    Start E/C/A Lean Extreme
    Discontinue all previous supplements

    First I'd like some critiqing. I'll post dosages and stuff a little later cause I'm real busy right now I just want to make sure I got my **** together cause I feel its solid but at the same time it looks like I am taking way too many different things when i put it on paper. I got my diet plan and workout plan all layed out but just curious if I could get any positive or negative feedback


  2. age, goals and diet would help

  3. Quote Originally Posted by TheCSWFighter
    That's a whole lotta methyls at once, especially with M1T.

    Me Personally, I would never touch M1T, but to each his own. However, If your gonna take it, maybe you should consider M1T as your only Methyl. Once the M1T part of the cycle is over, then switch to the M4Ohn/MDHT combo.

    I assume your trying to gain Lean Muscle mass, little bloat, strength, and "hardening" of the muscle? That's what your cycle will get you.

  4. What dose are you going to run all those at?? I dont think I would run all those meths at the same time but go where your heart takes you.

  5. Also the trimax weeks 7-9 without some help you are defenatly going to lose strength and muscle.

  6. Agree with the no trimax post cycle. Not a good idea IMHO. Maybe run the trimax/clen for 3 weeks in the middle of the cycle instead of 2 two weekers.

    Also, unless you are thinking of using only 5mg m1t, I really dont like the stacking of 3 methyls. Maybe (big maybe here, depends alot on dosing) m1t and m4ohn to start and then mdht once the m1t is dropped.

    At first it seems like a cutting cycle and you're frontloading the m1t to help stop wahtever muscle loss would occur with trimax, but the inclusion of 1t/4ad once the m1t is stopped confuses me. 1t/4ad is normally for bulking, unless you are using a higher ratio of 1t to 4ad?

    Also, I dont know if you've seen any of the posts about clen and its effect on the heart that have surfaced lately? They might have been here on AM or definately over at avantlabs, but the posts don't look very good for fact, downright scary.

  7. yea I was originally looking to frontload m1t to stop muscle loss with trimax and the others to gain lean muscle mass and harden up a little bit. so it's kind of like a cutting cycle in a way. so now i figure how about i do first two weeks m1t and 1t 4ad and after two weeks of m1t takin at 10mg i will take m4ohn and mdht with the transdermal but a question i have is should i run the trans for week 1-6 or week 1-4? i would now be running mdht and m4ohn week 2-6. also i am taking the advice of trimax before post cycle. i did not pay much attention to that but should i do week 1-2 with the m1t and week 4-6 for two two weekers or just week 3-6 for a one 4 weeker? thanks for all the feedback. oh yea starting wieght is 225 and bout 16% bf. also since its basically a cutting cycle would you consider getting rid of the 1t and 4ad?

  8. never do 3 methyls, and if using M1T, don't even do 2 (at the same time). I'd say plan the cycle for specific goals; are you gonna bulk for a few weeks , then cut? If so, I'd do the heavy stuff first (M1T), shine the trimax or use it later with high dose of MDHT and M4OHN (although this still might prove catabolic). Clen would be better IMO, cause I seem to waste away on trimax. I'd start the t/d 1T and 4AD week1 and run 'em 3-4 weeks, then kick down with the cutters (M4OHN, MDHT), but maybe I'm not sure if I'm reading your goals right. One thing I learned the hard way--NEVER do trimax without serious androgenic/anabolic assistance, and most especially in PCT. Best of luck! Start a log if you have the time.

  9. my main goal was to lose bodyfat and maintain as much muscle possible. so i figure i would frontload the first two weeks with m1t and after the first two weeks at 10 mg i would run a transdermal with 5g of 1-test 5g of 4-ad and 2.5 of 4oht along with m4ohn and mdht. along with this i would include trimax and clen. from the feed back i have gathered not to run clen along with trimax. so i am not thinking i should run trimax alone and run clen after the cycle. so revised the cycle would be
    Week 1-2:

    week 3-6:
    1-t, 4ad, 4oht trans.
    mdht - 100 mg
    m40hn - 32-34mg

    then as for pct run
    guggulbolic extreme

    now the big question is should i just frontload with m1t for two weeks and exclude the transdermal in order to prevent muscle loss. or should i get rid of the m1t and just run with the transdermal or should i keep both? thats where this whole thing gets confusing. as for the advice on not running trimax post cycle and not running it with clen it helps alot. I will try to keep a log on here because i have benefited from many other logs so...

    yet again i am 225
    6 foot around 16-17% bf
    and i am looking to cut

  10. diet info

    5:45 black coffee

    6:15 half hour of cardio

    9:00 4oz turkey breast
    protien shake w/oil (for EFA's)

    10:30 2 8oz chicken breasts
    slightly diluted grapefruit juice

    12:00 4 oz turkey breast
    protien shake w/oil

    2:30 2 cans of tuna

    4:00 8oz of ground sirloin

    6:00 1 cups of oatmeal
    MRP bar

    6:45 Protien shake

    7:00 wieghtlift
    drink slightly diluted grape fruit juice throughout to keep insulin levels up

    9:00 protien shakes (2 scoops)
    1 cup oatmeal

    10:00 Egg whites (6-8)
    10oz Fish (probably salmon)

  11. It took just over a week for my 1-test/4ad trans stack to kick in. I would drop the m1t and run the 1-test/4ad/4oht for 6 weeks starting the trimax in week 3. I would also drop either the m4ohn or the mdht and just run 1 methyl.

  12. I am not feeling this cycle at all. The idea of all those meth's at one time is scary and I think you need to research some of the drugs you are thinking about taking before you do it(Example: TRIMAX) If I were you I would do a straight M1T cycle of 3-4 weeks starting at 10mg and going up depending on how you feel. Get ur diet in check it seems like you are doing ok with that part and you will acomplish what you want to by using just the m1t with a good diet and work ethic. Just my opinion.

  13. i've done my research and i know its a little edgy and that why i came here to get feedback. the m1t is the only thing i am questioning cause i have never run a cycle with it where as i have with everything else. so the m1t makes me very iffy but i think i'll just a cycle of m4ohn and 1-t with trimax. I'm very curious about how the cycle i wrote out would have turned out but i'm not willing to take the chance. it was an idea. thats why the thread said idea. its not what i am doin i just wanted feedback.


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