Test prop 100 eod Wks 1-6
Npp 100eod wks 1-6
Dbol 30mg ed wks 1-3
Msten 40mg ed (going for 6weeks)
Hcg 500iu 2xwk
Aromasin for ai
Nolvadex on hand /caber also
Aegis/talos ran throughout

Nutrition : 2000 cal. over maintenance
420+ gms of protein per day /only high quality slow carbs except for post workout meal
Slinsane v2 for cycle and pct / also using genomyx decimate
Animal pak,bcaas ,ala/cla,fish oil,creatine ,taurine/glutamine all on and off cycle

Pct 1000 over maintenance 420 gms protein same etc..
Nolva 40/40/20/20
Clomi 100/50/25/0
Formestane 100mg eod
Nmda,bulbine,endosurge,tropino l xp ( containing fadogia argrestis)
Lean xtreme,anabeta elite ,prolacterone,demiurge

History :lifted seriously in high school 410 natural stopped for a couple years lifted here and there due to my lifting taking a back seat to my my education job and child health never left me happy healthy love life and want more out of my body I ran 4other cycles all test based with great results more aimed at mass the strength will come haha training 3 years since my stop
Weight 210
Bf% 12
I'm very into the train everything and eat to repair type deal
Oral Anabolics include SD ,halo,tbol,anadrol ,msten,dmz,Dbol
Inj always used short esters Npp (just recently fell in love with nandrolone ),test p
Future definetley want some tren , ment,short ester bold, in a cycle
love to hear some feedback