Nipple pain everytime i start a new cycle just started recently

  1. Nipple pain everytime i start a new cycle just started recently

    Whats up guys, so heres whats going on hoping i can get some help understanding this. I have ran multipal cycles in the past with no issues such as H-drol, furazadrol, protomax and finaflex 550-XD black and 1-Andro. So after my last cycle i took appropriate time off cycle + pct = time off. But then i got a little carried away and decided to do a Phera Plex and DMZ stack low dose of each 10mg phera 15mg dmz. So i got into the second week and started getting pain to the right side of my nipple definietly sore to the touch and a constant dull ache. Needless to say i kinda paniced and ended the cycle and did a little mini week and a half PCT of nolva and daa and the pain went away. So i waited about a month got ahold of some androgel so decided to run that for about 10 weeks i stated that and few weeks in same problem. That time i didnt do any type of pct since was only a week and a half in. I waiting again about a month and a half and started a helladrol cycle and same freaking thing a week in got the same pain ended up ending the cycle a week and half in. Right now i am doing a full 4 week pct with daa nolva 20/20/10/10 and purus labs reycle to see if whatever the issue is clears up. Mind you i have never had this issue in the past i think for some reason it all goes back to that DMZ pheara attempt. I was reading that DMZ can cause high prolactin levels dought thats my problem but did through in some SNS Inhibit-p into my PCT for 4 weeks to see if this helps. Anyone have any ideas why i would be experiencing these issues all the sudden and would an AI such as ADEX or aromisen be helpful on cycle to prevent this issue in the future?? Any help is appriciated.

  2. Anyone?

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