LGI Dymethazine cycle

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    So you dont believe its possibly more worthwhile to have a higher level for the workout and 2/3 of the day and bottom out rather than have a constant albeit lower level? I do realize that in general the standard practice would be even dosing.. Im always trying to learn.. Out of curiousity, why is it then that bodybuilders will take 2-3 dbols preworkout rather than space them out over the day?
    Some bodybuilders do this while on multiple compounds. Something like a test or test/deca cycle and use dbol as a kicker. They take more after later during the day too.
    Because dbol can be gotten in 10 mg pills this allows for such dosing. Others use orals as a "pulse" which is a small dose of 1 compound every day*not too familiar * but its always ran with test in the background.

    Your blood levels will be lower than you want because your not dosing to keep your blood levels high with the stuff. Dmz doesn't work like that. You need a constant blood level which is obtained by the 24 HR dosing. This is not dbol and you can't take 4 to 5 tabs /day. You could up to 3 caps if the sides aren't too bad and dose 2 pre workout and one later.
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  2. Interesting.. I will take your advice and resume 2, spaced 15mg doses a day.. And as I am planning to run at 45mg for weeks 5 & 6, that will allow me the chance to dose 2 preworkout and 1 later. Thanks for the intel brother!

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  3. Subbed. Running DMZ starting Memorial Day.

  4. Pics before? Update?

  5. Day 23. Weight 167. Bad news. Due to my car not running, Ive only been able to work out twice a week for the past 2 weeks. Since my car hasn't been running, I also haven't been working and haven't had the money to eat as well as Id like.. I was considering just ending the cycle at the 4 week mark but have decided to go ahead and run my plan of 6 weeks with 45mg a day for the last 2 weeks.. It absolutely sucks that Ive barely trained for 2 weeks but Ill have my car done this week and can resume training and eating well for the last 3 weeks of the cycle. I am up 7 pounds which is better than nothing and if I can throw on another 7-8 pounds over the next 4 weeks then Ill be happy. My strength is there, just need to train! Benched last night. 185 for 5 sets of 5 and a 6th set of 10.

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  6. Hey guys. Quick summary of cycle. Ended cycle at bodyweight of 168. Have not lost any weight at all through pct, so gains seem very solid.. On cycle, strength went up a substantial amount. Deadlift 1 rep max went from 335 to 385. On bench, I went from 225 for 6 reps to 225 for 10.. Strength gains seem as solid as the muscle gains through pct as Ive only dropped slightly on bench and deadlift has stayed the same.. The pros- 8 pound gain which I feel would have been greater but for my 2 week hiccup mid cycle, good strength increases, solid muscle gains. Now for the cons. Had some bad headaches from high blood pressure but only 4-5 in the last weeks of cycle. Main con= such. extreme. damn. lethargy. Beginning in week 3 and through the rest of the cycle. I did bump to 45 mg for weeks 5 & 6 but I feel as this didnt have that much of an impact as the compound itself. I got shut down, strength came in, and with it the lethargy. I felt like I was in a drugged stupor all day.. I will never run this again. Perhaps with a test base, the lethargy problem would be gone, but as Im going to run test with diana, I dont care to ever find out.

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