Hey guys. Quick summary of cycle. Ended cycle at bodyweight of 168. Have not lost any weight at all through pct, so gains seem very solid.. On cycle, strength went up a substantial amount. Deadlift 1 rep max went from 335 to 385. On bench, I went from 225 for 6 reps to 225 for 10.. Strength gains seem as solid as the muscle gains through pct as Ive only dropped slightly on bench and deadlift has stayed the same.. The pros- 8 pound gain which I feel would have been greater but for my 2 week hiccup mid cycle, good strength increases, solid muscle gains. Now for the cons. Had some bad headaches from high blood pressure but only 4-5 in the last weeks of cycle. Main con= such. extreme. damn. lethargy. Beginning in week 3 and through the rest of the cycle. I did bump to 45 mg for weeks 5 & 6 but I feel as this didnt have that much of an impact as the compound itself. I got shut down, strength came in, and with it the lethargy. I felt like I was in a drugged stupor all day.. I will never run this again. Perhaps with a test base, the lethargy problem would be gone, but as Im going to run test with diana, I dont care to ever find out.