8 week AMS Cycle : Check it out and give some feedback

  1. Red face 8 week AMS Cycle : Check it out and give some feedback

    I am going to start running my 8 week AMS Cycle. I bought the Anabolic Growth Kit ( 1-andro,4-AD and Decavol) but only one 30 days cycle. I also purchased another bottle of 4-AD and 1-Andro. I intend on running the 4-AD and the 1-Andro for four weeks and then go right into the Anabolic Growth Kit cycle. I havent seen anyone post about trying it and i figured why not since i got a bottle of 4-ad free. If im going to get the max potential i need to run 8 weeks of this stuff since the dosing is pretty low.
    I didnt pick a PCT, I may just go with the Arom-X.

  2. I did the AMS cycle and didn't gain a pound, maybe that's just me but I would stay away from that one.

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