MECHABOL cycle questions??

  1. MECHABOL cycle questions??

    im getting 2 bottles of mechabol but here are my only getting 1 bottle of something else to stack to help with letheragy, energy/pumps, and muscle hardness what should it be...and for a serm should i go with tamox or torem?...and im also running reboot with the serm

  2. bump ...anyone?

  3. 1 bottle of a test base? how long are you cycling mecha? i ran 6 weeks with 2 bottles but also used 3 bottles of stano. we've already spoke about bulk-up and i would still recommend it but you could get away with 1 stano. 600mg for 4 weeks
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  4. yea I'm going to do 1 bottle of stano but getting the stano 200 because stano elite 1 bottle can only be dosed at 450mg for 4 weeks and I'm going to run mechabol for 5 weeks depending on how i feel maybe 6 but doubt it just don't know what dose??? any idea..first time methylated ph i only ran weak dhea before so any idea for dosing.

  5. hvatech what about ursol xt by forerunner

  6. well i did something like:
    50/75/75/100/100/125 mecha

    if you do 5 weeks then add stano in at week 2 or 3 and start pct afterwards. why would you need that?
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  7. okay so is this okay 25-firsrt day 50/75/75/75/75-100/ maybe 75-100

  8. my bad with the ursol xt okay yeah ill add stano week 2 probably and is stano elite okay because its hard to get stano 200.

  9. hvatech this is a lid compound right?..because someone said it felt stronger than superdrol and i weigh 165 and 5'10 8% how many bottles should i get 1? and what should be my 5 week dosage?


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