25 male
190 lbs
13% bf

Running var at 60mgs Ed for 8wks. Goals are strength, Lbm, vascularity and dry hard look that I haven't otherwise been able to achieve with proper diet and exercise alone. Ran var @50mgs Ed 6weeks last year with very good results and little to no sides without test. Dropped from 13% to 9.5 great strength gains, lbm and pretty much felt like a transformer! Former AA athlete training for many years and now heavily involved in mma so the need to maintain agility and endurance have been the main reason for not adding test (not fear of pinning). Understanding the benefits of adding say test e or cyp due to the possible suppression issues along with var (which I have not experienced on previous cycle?) Last year 50mg var ed 6 weeks) my question is it really necessary to add to my cycle and if so what wold be the minimum acceptable dosage given my needs and goals while maintaining acceptable test levels throughout my anavar cycle? Thank you in advance for your time.