prohormone stack for shredding

  1. prohormone stack for shredding

    i would like to know about a stack to shred and get stronger but not bulk up with water. please tell me specifics of what to take and how, what i should take prior to and after. I have not idea what pct is or how or serm or none of that stuff.


  2. Age?
    Training experience?
    Current and past supplements?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by theish11 View Post
    I have not idea what pct is or how or serm or none of that stuff.

    no offense, but reading something like this, you're not quite ready just yet to start; if you read around and do a good amount of research next couple to few months, that's a different story. But any compound you run, no matter anyone tells you, you need a proper pct (serm + ai + test boosters) and a serm like torem/clomid/nolva; depending on the compound you can't use nolva. There's a lot to write, but it would be easier to read up on several things and really the best thing for shredding is diet/cardio. I'd be more than glad to help out, but check a few things out first and we'll get ya from there.

    Even with great training experience, you still need to read about these compounds and other research chemicals to see what they do to and for your body ya know. Other supplements not including protein, creatine; without knowing what a PCT/serm is, I'm afraid to know what more you could have done other than that. I don't mean to come off like that at all, I'm just sayin.
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