Ok so stats are 24yo 6" 18%bf a bunch of prior ph exp as well as 1 aas cycle test-e/eq 750/600. Now i am on a calorie deficit diet carb cycling very clean for the last month I'm looking to continue to cut up and keep my hard earned muscle maybe even put on some muscle

What i got
25ml test-e 300
60mg adex
40 clomid 50mg
25 nolva 50mg
5000ius hcg
3mg igf-1 lr3

Would i be better off running 750mg for 10 weeks or 600 for 12?

Also i plan on running adex .5eod to reduce water retention

I will be running hcg 500ius weekly throughout

And when would the best time to run igf the last 2 weeks of the cycle through pct at 60mcg/ed?

Feedback would be greatlly appreciated

Oh and pct will be clomid/nolva