p-mag 1st cycle, hows it look?

  1. Cool p-mag 1st cycle, hows it look?

    On cycle
    p-mag 50/75/75/75/75
    fish oil
    protex cycle assist
    primaforce taurine

    Post cycle
    Nolva 20/20/10/10
    Purus labs D-pol (DAA)
    Vital labs post cycle 3x
    Kre-alkalyn creatine

    Have erase pro on hand for after the pct.

    Just looking for some feed back from some experienced guys. This will be my first cycle I plan on running once I get back stateside.

  2. Any input?

  3. Looks good man.. 100 on pmag is where's its at bro. I gained like 20lbs on pmag. Oh and use the erase in your pct. just do like 1 cap ED a week or two after starting nolva

  4. Yea I really didn't know how to tie in the erase, it's not going to have an adverse effect on the nolvadex?

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