Epi/trenazone/dmz cycle tips/advice

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    Epi/trenazone/dmz cycle tips/advice

    I'm about to start my 2nd ph cycle (ran ams anabolic growth kit 8 weeks first cycle) consisting of epi 2a3a, trenazone, and xtreme dmz. Looking to run it for 6 weeks, but could use some advice on dosage and whether I should start/finish all 3 at the same time or stagger it. Some quick stats: 28 yrs old, been lifting on and off 14 years, had serious back problems a few years ago and had surgery about 2 and a half years ago, training steady again finally for about a year now. Around 176 pounds, 12-13% bf, training 5 days a week, diet around 2500 cal, 200g protien, maybe 100-150g carbs. Looking to put on a few more pounds of lean muscle and trim some bf. On cycle support and pct already lined up. Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

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    check out my cycle if you want.
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