I've decided to take the next step. Iím 26, 6'3 and 150lbsand between 6-10% body fat currently not training more than twice a week
hereís some back story I am extremely athletic and extremelyinvolved in Lacrosse i play on 2 teams full time generally 2 practices and 1game per team per week I also referee no less than 6 games a week of high levellacrosse and I also coach and then find time to hit the gym. so needless to sayI get way to much cardio and need an extra push to bulk I feel (tired of alwaysbeing the smallest guy out there) now before anyone blasts me saying all I needto do is eat more last season I was consuming 8000cal/day during peak seasonyes you read that right 8000cal/day high protein diet that my doctor put me onand supervise and to be fair I did gain 10 pounds over 3 months but I definitely did not get the rewards for all the workI put in.
Iím not looking to be a massive body builder and compete butwould love to put on 25-50 pounds in the next couple months. And maintain it. Ihave asked a few people and they recommend for the most part to do a stack of Dbol 40mg daily/deca 400mgweeky/test500mg weekly. Dbol for 4 weeks for a quick gain and deca and test for12-16 weeks to continue to build ad maintain. I was wondering if anyone outthere has/had a similar body type and if this is what was used or if yourecommend it. Iím more than open toother stack options if there is better out there.