Anavar cycle

  1. Anavar cycle

    i was just on a 12 week test cycle, kick started by dbol for 4 weeks, finished up my pct about mid january 13. Wanted to take something mild before summer starts to cut some fat and keep muscle. as thinking of anavar only cycle hitting it at 60mgs for 6-8 weeks followed by a pct. I was wondering with anavar being such a mild steroid what type of pct is best. Ive been searhing about this for a while and heard alot of different answers. Best outcome i came with was running clomid for 3 weeks day 1- 150 mgs, day 2-10 100 mgs, day 11-21 50 mgs. what is the best pct to run and should i run anything during cycle to help with libido becuase ive heard of cases were people were shut down after a couple of weeks!?

  2. Off subject but how much u gain and how much u keep off the test/dbol?

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