started my test cyp/tbol cycle yesterday

  1. started my test cyp/tbol cycle yesterday

    weeks 1-12 test c 250mg/twice a mon morning/thurs night
    wees 1-6 tbol 50mg/day
    weeks 1-12 aromasin 12.5mg eod
    weeks 1-6 liv-52

    weeks14-18 clomid 50/25/25/25
    forma stanzol 5pumps am/pm
    weeks 14-18 liv52
    first injectible cycle, im 30 yrs old...6 foot 3....230lbs
    frst pin was in left deltoid, absolutely no pain...expected at least pinch when breaking the skin but there was nothing, guess the hot shower beforehand helped.....using 23g 1inch

  2. and thanks to howwedo for answering all my newb questions

  3. monday was chest high weight/low rep, tris
    tuesday was back/bi
    today will be legs/shoulders
    tomorrow off
    friday chest high rep low weight
    saturday off
    sunday cardio or off
    doing p90x ab ripper eod

  4. breakfast today was 4 eggs, 2 pieces whole grain toast with natty pb, protein shake, and a few pieces of beef jerky

  5. holy **** guys....thanks for all the replies and pointers, i owe ya

    2nd pin tonight

  6. Hi. I'm planning similar cycle in a few months. So I'm in for this one. Best if luck.

  7. 2nd pin went as smooth as the first one.....right delt
    im guessing its the tbol, but im thirsty as **** all day long


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