Test Prop And Dianabol Short Cycle Info Needed

  1. Test Prop And Dianabol Short Cycle Info Needed

    Hey guys I'm going to try the whole short cycle thing after reading a few articles, looks like a good way to avoid many of the sides and still make reasonable gains. My first short cycle is going to be 100mg of test prop EOD and 50mg of Dbol every day. I have a few questions. First off I was thinking about taking Arimadex EOD when i pin the test prop since I already have it. Will I benefit from this or will it actually hurt my gains? I've heard conflicting information on this. Also what should I do for PCT? I've been under the impression I wont need HCG and I already have Nolva on hand. My Nolva has been sitting around for a year and a half so I was thinking about picking up some new stuff and possibly using Clomid instead of Nolva. any thoughts? I was going to do 3 weeks followed by 2 weeks on Nolva or Clomid and toss in some DAA. Is this sufficient or overkill? Especially if I am doing Arimidex while on cycle.

  2. Just realized I probably should have posted this in the old school anabolics forum, sorry guys.

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