first cycle AMS....

  1. first cycle AMS....

    I've been doing my research and i've come to the conclussion that AMS's products are a good choice for my first cycle.

    I need advice.

    There are a few different PH's to choose from when dealing with AMS and I'm not so sure what would be the best course of action for me to take.

    I'm 5'9 28yrs old
    currently 175lbs
    i've been lifting, bulking and cutting a good 6 years now.

    My goal is to drop body fat to extreme definition, add some nice muscle and KEEP my gains after the cycle.

    It's now spring and i'm not looking to get huge (just yet)... it's cutting season but I'd honestly like to stay in the 170's but with more muscle, difinition and less body fat.

    1-Andro RDe Chrome
    4-AD RDe Chrome

    those are the PH's they have avail so I did a lot of reading on them.

    non liver toxic = great

    as I stated i'm not looking to gain a huge amount of size just moderate size gain, strength and Definition so I would assume Mass drops and the 4-AD are not options as they are more for bulking..... correct? 4-AD also has some estrogen spill over properties I read...

    would a good first cycle be 1-andro and decovol stacked?
    I read on here that because these are non methylated they don't harm your liver and there is no need for on cycle support...
    a PCT is a must and i'll buy some arom-x with the stack.

    In the end I chose this stack because I read it's safe, you can keep most if not all your gains after the cycle and it's legal.

    sorry for the long post and all the random sentences.

    please let me know if the 1-andro and decoval would be a good first cycle and besides the arom X as a pct is there anything else I should be concerned about or taking?

  2. The AMS products are very mild and support needs are minimal. I believe the Mass Drops are 1-Andro and Decavol combined into one product. 4ad is 4-DHEA which ultimately converts into testosterone, which can obviously aromatize into estrogen, though I doubt you'd see enough (if any) estrogen turnover to cause related sides. People will run 4ad with the stack because 1-Andro can cause a good bit of lethargy and the 4ad helps to mitigate this. If you're worried about estrogen just keep some Erase on hand and use it at a low dose if you feel you're experiencing estrogen sides, but I really doubt that it will be necessary.

  3. thank you for the info dude.

    obviously I didn't do enough research, read the mass drops info and now I know.

    I guess a proper cycle would be the Mass drops and 4ad stacked.

    Arom-x for PCT..

    would you recommend I get the AUGMENTOR caps? or a waste of cash?

    and last question (sorry)....

    would a 4 week cycle of the Mass drops and 4ad be efficient or should I do an 8 week cycle of all that?
    also I know some guys recommend taking certain things from lets say week 1-4 then something else from 4-8...

    opinions for this nub please!

  4. anyone want to be a good guy and answer my questions?

    thank you

  5. If you've never cycled before pick one singular PH and run only that, also look into getting a SERM and an AI just in case. There is no reason not to run a SERM unless your particularly sensitive to there side effects.

    Past that look up every side the product you choose has, and find a supplement or method to counteract it.

  6. Also, no product is going to add muscle or drop fat off you unless your diet a d training are close to perfect. You gotta take an honest look there and make that as a judgement call.


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