Formastanzol+erase+inhibit p

  1. Formastanzol+erase+inhibit p

    Hey guys thinking about running this OTC stack for mild gyno flare up from a previous halotest 25 and Trenazone stack ran about 3
    -4 months ago. I know it might not effectively get rid of it but It might shrink it and and estrogen level will equalize after.
    I picked these 3 because it would cover est, progestorone, prolactin induced issues. I went to 2 MDs both said blood work wasn't necessary, atleast this way with suicide inhibitors estrogen levels if there high will return to normal, if anything I'll be really dry since I'm cutting now anyways. Just look for some comments on this stack, thanks for your time

  2. just get a bottle of letrozole.

  3. I ordered it from a chem site sponser on here and it never shipped, fortunately I was never charged

  4. ......anyone

  5. There is no chem site sponsor here. Just a google ad.
    Don't run two AI's at once though, that's not a good idea at all.
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

  6. yeah, should I run the forma Stanzol by it's self then?

  7. alright, so my forma stanzol came in and my letro comes in monday.
    should i start with the forma stanzol today and letro when it comes in. or letro by itself?


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