Epistane - Should I quit or should I log?

  1. Question Epistane - Should I quit or should I log?

    Hi boys and Girls. First and most importantly.... STATS:

    Age: 26
    Weight: 178
    BF%: About 13%
    Experience: 9 years with a 3 year stint in the middle
    Goals: Lean Mass

    So... picked up this epistane about two weeks ago from Element Nutrition (first PH cycle). It's 18mg per serving and 90 servings. I'm currently on day 22 and I have some mixed emotions going on. The truth is that I'm really psyched to pick up some Test E and run that cycle. I almost want to abandon this one to do that. On the other hand... I could just be patient and let this run its course. If anyone is interested in me logging my experience so far and moving forward let me know.I'm trying to figure out how long I will need to wait in between cycles in each scenario. A) I abandon ship and start running Reversitol V2 now (I also have Nolva) or B) stay on board and run this thing and keep anyone who interested in the loop.

    Right now I'm running the Epi:18mg x 3 spaced 6 hrs between dosing (4 week plan)Admittedly, I did not really feel much of any difference for the first two weeks. Some good gym sessions but nothing spectacular. As a matter of fact that time period was somewhat negative. I have had a hard time sleeping and been more groggy in the AM. Those are the only sides thus far. HOWEVER - most recently (like today and yesterday) been feeling pretty good and have some pretty awesome sessions. Seems like some alpha characteristics are creeping in.

    Anyway... Comments? Suggestions? I'm all ears.
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  2. Four weeks is too short for Epi. You didn't feel anything for the first two weeks because it takes about that long to kick in. That's why people run it at least five weeks. Three caps a day is a pretty heavy dosage at 18 mg per cap; novice users usually start at 30 mg for a week or two before moving up to 40 mg, and then potentially into the higher dosages (50 to 60 mg). Lastly, I think it's silly to cut a cycle short just because you're anxious to start a different cycle. That's an indication that you probably shouldn't be using steroids, as is the fact that you went into your Epi cycle without really knowing how to run Epi. Anyway, if you run this cycle four weeks and then do a four week PCT, you should wait eight weeks before cycling again. Time on plus PCT equals time off. Finish this one but don't bother logging it.

  3. Fair enough. Hence the reason I was asking. Needed to hear the voice of reason. I was definitely just a little psyched.

  4. I definitely need to do this right and I should've reached out for guidance before this first cycle. When this one is over, about 4 weeks after pct I plan on getting blood work to see where I'm at.

    Since I'm already in this, I can still run it for 6 weeks but thinking that my not be wise since I've dosed too high from the start. If/when I plan my test cycle down the road I will definitely start slow and listen to my body.

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