Alpha Mass Cycle Question

  1. Alpha Mass Cycle Question


    Quick question if anyone has time.

    I'm going to be running another HDrol cycle along side StanoDrol with Alpha Mass.

    Now my question is this, HDrol will be run for 6 weeks at 75 mg ( No need to go higher. Last cycle was perfect). Ill run Stano at 400/600 then 800 for the last 2 weeks past my 6 week run of HDrol. Should I run Alpha Mass at 4 caps a day for 6 week or do a 4 week run?

    I was planning on running 2 weeks into cycle so the very last 2 week will just be Stano and AM.

    Any feelings?

    Thanks to all who respond

  2. HDrol 75/75/75/75/75/75

    Alpha Mass 0/0/4/4/4/4/4/4

    Stano 400/600/600/600/600/600/800/800

  3. I would spring for another bottle of Alpha Mass.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by chris223 View Post
    I would spring for another bottle of Alpha Mass.
    Yeah I thought about that in the beginning but never tried it before and this is my first stack. Guess ill have to hope for the best lol but I guess that is why I was wondering if a 4 week cycle would be better

  5. If I get another bottle would u run. It 6 caps a day for 6 weeks? And start it second week of cycle. Thus leave Stano and AB stand alone at the end for 2 weeks after HDrol



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